Choice on Earth?

By Joseph Farah

Planned Parenthood knows no bounds when it comes to advocacy of the wanton killing of unborn children.

The latest evidence is its “Choice on Earth” campaign – just in time for the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and its biblical call for “peace on Earth.”

Planned Parenthood says critics of the disgusting sales of holiday cards and T-shirts with the “Choice on Earth” slogan only want to shut down the organization. To which I say, “Great idea. Shutting down Planned Parenthood is long overdue.”

Planned Parenthood is at war with Christianity, at war with the sanctity of life, at war with everything that is decent, just and righteous. This campaign is not only a slur against Christians, it is an attack on Jesus Christ Himself – the person Christians believe is the very author of life.

To Planned Parenthood, “choice” is no more than a euphemism for “abortion.” And I can prove it.

If Planned Parenthood were truly in favor of “choice” when it comes to pregnancy, it would be vociferously attacking national and international policies that deny any and all choice to parents. In China, for instance, an official and brutally enforced one-child state policy strictly limits parents’ choices. Beijing even forces women to have abortions – sometimes late-term abortions – to maintain its barbaric population-control policies.

Has Planned Parenthood spoken out against these policies? Has it advocated “choice” in China? Has even one Planned Parenthood official criticized Beijing for its anti-choice, pro-abortion campaign?

No. In fact, the international Planned Parenthood organization has held up China’s population control policies as a model for the rest of the world. That’s the kind of “choice” Planned Parenthood supports.

“Choice” means one thing to Planned Parenthood and one thing only – abortion.

If Planned Parenthood raised its budget through private donations, such advocacy of murder, infanticide and forced abortion would be bad enough. But Planned Parenthood gets some $200 million a year from taxpayers. So, not only does Planned Parenthood believe in coercive measures to kill unborn babies, the organization also believes in forcing taxpayers – many of whom have strongly held religious scruples against abortion – to subsidize the killing.

Choice? Is that choice?

Well, yes, it’s the kind of choice Planned Parenthood believes in – which is to say no choice at all.

Choice means only one thing to the ghouls at Planned Parenthood – abortion whenever possible, abortion on demand, abortion for profit, abortion at all costs.

At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of the Son of God to a virgin in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. Thank God Planned Parenthood wasn’t around then. Is there any doubt about where this organization would stand back then? Is there any doubt about what it would have advocated for Mary’s young babe 2,000 years ago? Is there any doubt Planned Parenthood would have seen Mary’s pregnancy as “unplanned” and counseled her to destroy her unborn child – the Savior of humanity?

But there was another monster around in Israel at the time. His name was Herod. He ordered all the children of Bethlehem and the surrounding area who were 2 years old or younger to be killed. Only a warning from God to Jesus’ parents saved him from the slaughter of the innocents.

The slaughter of the innocents – that’s what Planned Parenthood advocates once again 2,000 years later. It’s not about choice. It’s about death. It’s about force. It’s about rebellion against God. It’s about manifest evil so unspeakable the only way we can talk about it today is by employing euphemisms – like “choice.”

I believe in real choice. I even believe Planned Parenthood officials have a right to promote their propaganda – but not with my money. They don’t have any right to compel me to promote their hate and their murderous compulsory policies. They don’t have the right to taxpayer money to subsidize the slaughter of the innocents.

Planned Parenthood has turned our own government into a modern-day Herod. The U.S. government and countless state and local governments support the organization’s aborticidal killing machine with your tax dollars.

Is that choice?

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