S&M inspector not a concern to Fleischer

By Les Kinsolving

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In today’s White House news briefing, WorldNetDaily asked presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer about the fact that an American United Nations weapons inspector is a leader in the sado-masochist movement.

WND: Ari, The Washington Post reports that Harvey John McGeorge of Woodbridge, Va., is one of the Americans on the United Nations inspection team in Iraq, despite what the Post reports – and this is a quote – “he played a leadership role in sado-masochist sex clubs like the Leather Leadership Conference, where he teaches courses on sex slaves and techniques including knives, ropes and choking devices.” And my question is, does the president believe it is good for the United States to be represented by this sado-masochist?

FLEISCHER: Lester, I think any questions about the composition of the inspection team need to be addressed to the United Nations –

WND: I just want to know, how does the president feel? You and he read The Washington Post; you know about this. How does he feel? Does he think it’s a good idea for America to be represented on this inspection team by this man?

FLEISCHER: The president feels as I indicated, that the question of the selection of the inspectors is something that needs to be addressed to the United Nations.

WND then returned to a subject it has questioned Fleischer on before: the president’s continuing assertion that Islam is a religion of peace.

WND: The Washington Post quotes Paul Weyrich as writing, “Islam is at war against us,” expressing his concern about the Bush administration’s “promotion of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance just like Judaism or Christianity. It is neither.” And Ken Adelman said calling Islam a peaceful religion “is an increasingly hard argument to make.” Does the president believe that Weyrich and Adelman and others are wicked or ignorant or what?

FLEISCHER: Lester, the president is proud to stand up for America’s longstanding traditions of tolerance and openness and to welcome people who practice the religion of Islam in the United States and around the world. The president knows that Islam is a religion of peace. And like many religions, and like many beliefs, there can be individuals within a certain religion who distort its meaning and divert from the peaceful intentions of a religion, having nothing to do with the religion. They themselves are the ones who violate and twist a religion, and Islam is a religion of peace.

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