WND Dashboard debuts

By WND Staff

WorldNetDaily.com’s new Dashboard debuts today, giving readers the most useful WND links in one compact browser window.

Clicking the gray button labeled “Dashboard” at the top of the left-hand navigation bar opens a narrow window that can be moved to the edge of a reader’s screen or minimized off the desktop, all the while maintaining a constant connection to WND. When surfing throughout the day, the Dashboard window can be brought back to the desktop to gain instant access to WorldNetDaily links. Every 10 minutes, the Dashboard automatically refreshes to be sure you have access to the most recent WND headlines. It’s a great companion for those whose homepage is WND.

WorldNetDaily’s Dashboard includes: Daily news and commentary highlights, a Google search window and WND’s own search window, links to all WND special pages and features, a selection of top business links on the Net, and access to WND’s interactive forums. Clicking on a link will open a single window where that link’s content is displayed. Clicking on another link will give you that site in the same window – your desktop will not be polluted with several different windows. The search feature is especially helpful for those surfers doing research on the Internet.

“The Dashboard always stays intact, making this the perfect tool for navigating WND and WND-targeted links on the Net,” said Bob Evans, chief technical officer of WND. “This is accomplished by removing the need to hit that ‘back’ button so many times in an attempt to return to WorldNetDaily – a solution to a common problem readers have after following a link away from WND. It’s light, doesn’t take up much screen space and can still function while minimized.”

Why not try out this new feature right now? Click the WND Dashboard button on the Page 1 left-hand navigation bar to get started!