By WND Staff

Despite America’s 9-11 wake-up call, international terrorists – from al-Qaida and Hamas to sleeper cells and “freelancer” jihadists, bent on inflicting maximum horror and destruction on Americans – continue to infiltrate this nation, and the U.S. government has been unable or unwilling to effectively combat the threat.

The December 2002 edition of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “TERRORISTS AMONG US,” shows dramatically how terrorists, their supporters and fund-raisers have taken advantage of America’s open society, civil rights and religious freedom to hide a sophisticated and wide-ranging support network for international terrorism. Employing religious and charitable organizations, they have fooled the public, news media and government long conditioned to embrace radical anti-Americanism in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity.

At the same time, the growing incidence of “freelance” Islamic terror across America is regarded officially as the work of “criminals” or “deranged individuals,” and not jihadists.

  • Sniper suspect John Muhammad praised the Sept. 11 hijackers and threatened to perpetrate major terror attacks himself before October’s three-week shooting spree – but jihad is rarely discussed as a motive.
  • Egyptian cab driver Hesham Hadayet went on a murderous terror spree July 4 at Los Angeles International Airport’s El Al (Israeli) ticket counter – investigators said he was “overstressed.”
  • Egyptian pilot Gameel El-Batouty, calmly and repeatedly chanting “I rely on Allah,” intentionally crashed EgyptAir Flight 990 into the Atlantic shortly after takeoff from New York in October 1999, killing all 217 on board, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. But the NTSB couldn’t identify any motive, other than “suicide.”
  • The post-911 anthrax terror investigation has featured the FBI’s year-long, unsuccessful pursuit of a supposed lone, “homegrown” terrorist, despite recent reports that state-sponsorship is far more likely given the cost and complexity of producing the particular weaponized anthrax used.
  • There is substantial and compelling evidence of a Mideast connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, although the FBI long ago closed the door to such a conclusion.
  • Multiple eyewitness claims that a missile shot down TWA Flight 800 became chillingly more credible recently after the near-miss of an Israeli passenger jet by two terrorist-deployed shoulder-fired missiles in Kenya.

As expert Mideast analyst Daniel Pipes notes in this explosive issue of Whistleblower: “A virtual taboo exists in official circles about Islam’s role in the violence; in the words of one senior State Department official, this subject ‘has to be tiptoed around.’ As a result, the violence is treated as though it comes out of nowhere, the work of (in Bush’s description) ‘a bunch of cold-blooded killers.'”

The problem, adds Pipes, is that without truly confronting the enemy that has declared war on America, the all-important goal of defeating the ideology of radical Islamism – which is currently growing like a virus worldwide – will not be addressed effectively. Similarly, without a forthright policy of identifying and explaining what radical Islamism is – and differentiating it from Islam’s more moderate forms – terrorism’s supporters, funders, apologists and lobbyists go on working unnoticed and unfettered.

December’s contents include:

  • “The invisible jihad” by David Kupelian, showing how the U.S. government, as well as the news media, seem unable or unwilling to say: “Militant Islam is the enemy.”
  • “Chief Moose cost lives” by Paul Sperry, showing conclusively how the sniper investigation’s top cop ignored witness sniper descriptions of dark-skinned suspects while continuing to racially profile whites.
  • “Al-Qaida training tape shows another side of terror” by Joseph Farah, detailing contents of terrorist training video and plans for home break-ins, killing police, drive-by shootings and golf-course assassinations in the U.S.
  • “Converts to violence?” by Daniel Pipes, showing how the Beltway sniper fits the pattern of American blacks drawn into Islam.
  • “Sniper link to al-Fuqra probed” by David Kupelian, describing radical Islamist organization in the U.S. and reasons for investigators’ suspicions.
  • “Malvo a reluctant militant Muslim?” by Art Moore, based on exclusive interview with a chaplain who describes how the 17-year-old was slowly “pulled into the evil.”
  • “How terrorists have infiltrated America” by Steven Emerson, an authoritative look at recruiting, fundraising, money laundering and planning jihad in the “land of the free.”
  • “The birth of al-Qaida” by Steven Emerson, on how Osama bin Laden and his mentor used U.S. Islamic groups to build their networks.
  • “U.S.-Saudi oil imports fund American mosques” by Paul Sperry, detailing how Saudi Arabia pumps millions of dollars into large Islamic centers here, hoping to “Islamize” the U.S.
  • “Are ‘jihadists’ infiltrating U.S. military?” by Jon E. Dougherty, on how low-security service positions are easily exploited by potential terrorists.
  • “Was Iraq involved in OKC bombing?” by Jon E. Dougherty, on how, after seven years, top government officials are finally examining disturbing evidence of Middle Eastern complicity in the Oklahoma City terror attack.
  • “Looking in wrong direction for anthrax killer?” by Notra Trulock III, exploring how, just as with the sniper investigation, FBI profilers have focused on criminals, not terrorists, in the anthrax probe.
  • “Courageous moderate Muslims fight back” by Steven Emerson, profiling one brave, principled Muslim leader and his prescient warning to Americans.
  • “America’s real defense against terror” by Joseph Farah, using the story of the courageous trucker who nailed the Beltway snipers to illustrate how terrorism can best be fought – and defeated – in the U.S.A.

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