An imminent al-Qaida terror threat?

By WND Staff

A website affiliated with al-Qaida warns of an impending attack on Americans during “Id Al-Fitr” – the end of Ramadan, which comes today and tomorrow, according to a translation of the Arabic message provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

After posting a communique in which Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network took responsibility for the Mombasa, Kenya, Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari, deputy moderator of the “News about the Jihad and the Mujahideen” forum of the Islamist website, posted another communique in which he threatened Americans with a terror attack on the Muslim holiday of Id al-Fitr, which falls on Dec. 5 and 6.

“This is a warning to Americans in Yemen, the peninsula of Muhammad, Africa and Asia,” the warning read. “If you do not leave our land, we are announcing to you what our Prophet [Muhammad] announced to the Quraysh [tribe] – slaughter. Your tyranny, your arrogance, your cruelty and your misguidance have increased, and we are sworn not to heed the instructions of the traitorous [i.e. Muslim] governments regarding you. Oh community of Americans, we swear by the one who has the soul of Muhammad in his hands [i.e. Allah] that the young men of Islam have brought slaughter upon you. Leave our land and stop supporting the plundering Jews; return to your countries, otherwise the sword will be between us and you.”

The message continues: “We warn you: Leave the land of Yemen and the land of the Prophet [Saudi Arabia]. Otherwise, you will reap death because of [your] stupidity in ignoring our warnings to you. We do not recognize your agreement with the [Muslim] governments that have renounced their religion. …

“Know that the young men of Yemen and of the land of Muhammad are preparing grief and grave disasters for you,” the message says. “If you do not leave our land and stop supporting our enemies, we will remove you with our swords, as it is said: ‘Fight them. Allah will torture them at your hands, and will humiliate them, and will help you to overcome them, and will relieve the minds of the believers of fear and distress, and will remove their feeling of resentment. Allah turns with mercy to whomsoever He pleases.'”

The message announces to Americans “the imminent end of your pleasant lives.”

“These words are directed at you, oh Americans, you who have made your dear ones [sic] and your monks into a god other than Allah,” it said. “We announce to you the imminent end of your pleasant lives: ‘They have taken their rabbis and their monks for gods beside Allah, and also the Messiah son of Mary. They had only been commanded to worship the One God. There is no god but He [Allah]. Holy is He above that which they associate with Him.’ Allah’s commandment to fight you has already been carried out, and you are worthy of the disasters and tortures planned for you. ‘Oh Prophet, fight the Jihad against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and press hard on them. Their abode is hell and an evil destination it is. They swear by Allah they have not said anything derogatory. Most certainly have they blasphemed, and disbelieved after they had professed Islam. They entertained evil designs which they could not carry into effect. They cherish hatred against the believers only because Allah and His Messenger had enriched them out of His bounty. Now if they repent it will be better favor them, but if they turn away, Allah will torment them with painful tortures in this world and in the Hereafter, and they shall have neither friend nor helper in the world.'”

The message wryly promises a “Ramadan gift” to Americans.

“Oh American people, you are the victim of your leaders, but you are also a partner in the war on us, because you applaud them when they killed the children of Iraq, applaud the Jews when they killed the children of Palestine. … Allah has cursed you in this world and in the Hereafter and promised you terrible tortures. Defiantly, you have not learned your lesson from which you suffered, the raids on Washington and New York; on the contrary, the tyranny and oppression that you employ toward the slaves [of Allah] has increased, primarily in Palestine whose children did not enjoy the month of good and blessing [Ramadan]. Therefore, the brothers gave them a gift for Ramadan in Mombasa, and the gift for the holiday [Id al-Fitr, at the end of Ramadan] is on its way.”

The message also relished the destruction of Sept. 11: “You did not understand the reasons for the raids of Washington and New York. Allah rightly said about you: ‘Is he who lays the foundation of his structure on fear of Allah and His pleasure better off, or he who lays the foundation of his structure on the brink of a tottering hollow bank which tumbles down with it into the fire of hell? Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. This structure of theirs, which they have built, will ever continue to be a source of disquiet in their hearts, unless their hearts are cut to pieces and they perish. Allah is all-knowing, wise.'”

“Allah’s words were rightly said about those who slew you on that white day: ‘Allah has purchased from the believers their souls and their property in return for the promise that they shall have Paradise, for they fight in the cause of Allah and they slay and are themselves slain,'” the message continues. “This is a promise that He has made incumbent upon Himself as set out in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran; and who is more faithful to his promise than Allah? Rejoice, then, in the agreement that you have made with Him; that indeed is the supreme triumph.

“Allah promises [the Muslims] Paradise, and to you he has promised defeat. Which of these two promises is more worthy of being a promise of truth? Oh community of Americans, we repeat for the thousandth time: Leave our lands and stop supporting the Jews, otherwise men faithful to their vow to Allah will come upon you [to martyr themselves]. …

“Allah is great, and strength to Islam; Allah is great, long live proud Palestine as it explodes against the enemies.

“Your brother,

“Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari.”

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