Bush, Powell wrong on Islam

By Joseph Farah

President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell have both recently sharply criticized those warning of the grave threat posed by Islamism.

They characterized such warnings as “hate” speech.

Such a reaction from our national leaders requires abject ignorance of the world around us.

The truth? Islamism is the No. 1 threat to Western civilization today. It is the No. 1 threat to Christians around the world. It is the No. 1 threat to Jews. It is the No. 1 threat to American security.

Worse yet, Bush and Powell continue policies that actually spread the poisonous hate of Islamism – hatred that manifests itself in the deaths of innocent people around the world on a daily basis.

Failing to recognize we are engulfed in a Global Jihad – an unholy war in which only one side is on the offensive – Bush and Powell pretend that the terrorism we defend against is somehow disconnected from any religious component. It is not.

Islamism, the radical brand of Quranic fundamentalism, is on the march. Its goal is nothing short of world hegemony. Its goal is nothing short of the destruction of the United States of America. Its goal is nothing short of the end of the Jewish state. Its goal is nothing short of the elimination of Christians and Jews around the world. Its goal is nothing short of global domination.

We see the violent outbursts today in Nigeria. We see them in Indonesia. We see them in the Philippines. We see them in the Middle East. We see them in Chechnya. We see them in the Balkans. And we in the United States saw them most clearly on Sept. 11, 2001.

How can we continue to keep our heads in the sand?

Rather than criticize those who do see the truth clearly, Bush and Powell ought to remember who their friends are. They ought to remember they are responsible even today for supporting those with blood on their hands. They ought to remember those schools in the Palestinian Authority teaching real hate, real violence, real jihad – all with taxpayer subsidies from the United States of America. They ought to remember “our friends” in Saudi Arabia who fund terrorism around the globe and who sent so many of those hijackers to the U.S. last year.

Perhaps Bush and Powell believe, like President Clinton and Madeleine Albright before them, that if only we in the United States are “nice” to those who hate us, the favor will be returned. Perhaps they think appeasement is the best policy. Perhaps they think this deep-seated violent hatred against us will dissipate if only we pretend it doesn’t really exist. Perhaps they think we can win respect from our enemy if we are kinder and gentler.

This was the mistake Israel made a decade ago. Under pressure from the West, the Jewish state negotiated and conceded and bargained and withdrew. Only recently have most Israelis seen the truth: It was all for naught. It was all in vain. It was all an illusion. There was never any chance for peace through weakness.

The only way to achieve victory in this war with Islamism is to recognize who the enemy really is. That is how we defeated the Soviet Union. President Reagan called it what it was – an “Evil Empire.” And that was the beginning of the end. If we don’t call evil what it is, we cannot hope to defeat it.

No, we are not at war with all Muslims. There is a distinction. Some Muslims, as we have seen, prefer to live under freedom. Some prefer to live free of hate. Some prefer to live in peace with Christians and Jews. But we cannot ignore the fact that many do not. We cannot ignore the fact that many see our demise as their divine purpose. We cannot ignore that there is a sizable and growing number of Muslims in that category.

There is no danger that Americans are about to be consumed with hatred for all Muslims. There is no danger that Americans are about to punish innocent Muslims for the crimes of others. There is no danger that Americans are going to become like our enemies.

Therefore, here’s my advice to Bush and Powell: Stop the appeasement. Pull the plug on the financial aid to terrorism. Recognize the true enemy and deal with it harshly. Don’t compromise with evil. And, most of all, stop criticizing your true friends and allies in this war.