Katherine Harris joins
House leadership

By WND Staff

Katherine Harris is not just another freshman member of the House of Representatives.

She’s the woman who was in the “center of the storm” during the 2000 stalemated presidential election.

She’s the former Florida secretary of state Democrats and their friends love to hate.

And she’s the author of a new work about those experiences for WND Books – called, of course, “Center of the Storm.”

But that’s not all. Now, having been elected to the House only a month ago, the Sarasota, Fla., Republican has been tapped by House Republican leadership to serve as assistant majority whip.

The announcement was made at yesterday’s freshman orientation for new House members.

“Being appointed assistant majority whip will give the citizens in southwest Florida a much more active role in Congress,” Harris said in reaction to the choice.

In “Center of the Storm: Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis,” the first book published by WND Books, a partnership of WorldNetDaily.com and Thomas Nelson Publishers, Harris combines news-making disclosures and practical lessons in a “how-I-did-it” and “you-can-too” guide for holding up amid controversy and coming out on top.

The battle for the White House following the election of Nov. 7, 2000, was one of the biggest political controversies in U.S. history. As the Florida recount unfolded in a maze of bizarre events, Harris was faced with the challenge of a lifetime. What enabled her to maintain her integrity, poise, stick to her guns and hold true to her principles? In “Center of the Storm,” she tells all.

Harris is a former IBM marketing executive and vice president of a commercial real estate firm. She served as Florida’s 23rd secretary of state and will be a freshman member of the 108th U.S. Congress. Harris co-chaired President George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in Florida. Prior to her own election as secretary of state, she served in the Florida Senate for four years. A lifelong supporter of the arts, Harris earned degrees from Agnes Scott College and Harvard University. She is married to Anders Ebbeson and has a 17-year-old daughter, Louise. They live in Sarasota.

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