Conservatives should be more liberal

By Kyle Williams

I have taken advantage of this column space to write about many things. In the short year that I have been writing this column, I’ve covered many, many topics and it has been a great opportunity for me to learn and develop my writing.

However, I have also used this space as weekly rant. And, as a certain writer suggested to me this week, anyone can identify problems and explore all that is wrong with our nation, but the difficulty comes when you attempt to explore the solutions.

The new generation of active conservatives has come to a point where identifying the problems of government and culture is not a big deal. Yet, finding and implementing solutions has become a problem in itself.

The general solution to national problems and the general idea for conservatives to make change in America is to become liberal. Not liberal as in baby-killing, brainwashing, tree-hugging, anti-God liberalism, but liberal as in the way Merriam-Webster like to define it – as one who is “open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways.”

It seems all that political conservatives talk about is changing America, and all political liberals talk about is preserving the current and recent past of America. Liberalism wants to conserve the ways of FDR and his “New Deal” of destruction and conserve big government. Conservatives want to change the government to make it smaller and, among other things, revamp the educational system.

Speaking of education, conservatives just can’t seem to talk about it enough, because the ideology is all about educating in an effort to bring about change. And, as shown by a recent survey, there is much to be done here. As an example, half our nation believes the First Amendment goes too far in the freedoms it guarantees, according to a poll released by the First Amendment Center this year.

Such ignorance then leads to corruption in government.

In his 1776 book, “The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic,” Alexander Fraser Tytler wrote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”

This statement has been taken by many constitutionalists to present an outline of what has happened in our nation. Voting “largesse” or money from the treasury in America means to vote in representatives that pass out unneeded social programs, government charity, and other such handouts. Such a government cannot exist long because it is economically unfeasible – something that is not taught in our nation’s schools.

During the Constitutional Convention, Roger Sherman, a delegate from Connecticut, made a well-known case for opposition to the election of the Senate by the people, saying, “The people, immediately, should have as little to do as may be about the government. They want information, and are constantly liable to be misled.”

I will not argue for the limitations of Americans nor their ignorance, but the American public is uneducated in their knowledge on the proper form of government and the restrictions placed on the feds. I do not say this out of arrogance, but pity – which leads us back to the inept government education system (full treatment of which is another topic for another time).

Personal education is the way to create change and another area where political conservatives must become, by definition, liberal. Conserving ignorance is nothing short of lunacy, unless of course you have some sort of agenda to put forth.

The popular, apolitical thought is that conservatism is “mean” and uncompassionate. Therefore, the right must work to change such thoughts. Expose political liberals for the complete buffoons they are. Show the unintelligence and gaping holes in the case made by environmentalists. Wipe away the lie of the ’90s economy and present the fact that boom of the ’90s was created by Ronald Reagan through economic change that his tax cuts ushered in. Destroy the myth of separation of church and state by communicating the original intent of the founders. Lastly, make the issue of abortion obsolete by confirming that it is morally equal to murder.

If the arguments and agenda of political liberalism were exposed, what a society we would be living in! Make a difference, conservatives – be liberal.