Fleischer pressed
on border militia

By Les Kinsolving

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At today’s White House news briefing, WND – taking questions from the site’s MR. PRESIDENT! forum – asked presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer about illegal immigration and racial preferences at universities.

WND: Ari, The Washington Times reports this morning that in Arizona there are more than a dozen known militia organizations responding to a reported 1 million illegal immigrants. And Chris Simcox, the newspaper publisher in Tombstone, is quoted as saying, “I dare the president of the United States to arrest Americans who are protecting their own country. We will no longer tolerate the ineptness of the government in dealing with these criminals and drug dealers.” And my question – first question – does the president believe that such militia members should be arrested, or recruited, trained and deputized?

FLEISCHER: The president believes that the laws of the land need to be observed and the laws need to be enforced.

WND: All right. Considering the billions of federal taxpayer dollars that go to support U.S. universities, does the president believe that universities using affirmative action by race in their admissions should be obliged to use affirmative action by race rather than ability alone in selecting members of their football and basketball teams?

FLEISCHER: I think the best guide to what the president believes on this issue is to look at what he did as the governor of Texas, when the president –

WND: The [University of Texas] Hopwood decision came out against –

FLEISCHER: Lester, I was just answering your question.

WND: You remember that, the Hopwood decision, don’t you?

FLEISCHER: That’s your second question. Yes, I do.

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