Hard-hitting excerpts
from ‘Savage’ book

By WND Staff

Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation” won’t be released in bookstores or to Amazon until next month, but you can get it now by ordering it at the WorldNetDaily online store.

“The Savage Nation” is breaking sales records even before it is released.

In “The Savage Nation,” the radio talk show star reveals his controversial new plan for restoring law and order, decency, morality and family values to America – and preventing more terrorist attacks.

“The future of America hangs in the balance like a loose tooth,” warns Savage, whose radio program, “The Savage Nation,” is heard daily by 4.5 million listeners each week on 310 stations nationwide. “Everything you and I have worked for is being wiped out before our eyes.”

“The Savage Nation” is the second release from WND Books, a partnership of WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers.

In “The Savage Nation,” you’ll discover Savage’s plan to fight back in the following ways:

  • Hold back the tidal wave of Third World immigrants who are sucking our tax-subsidized health care and welfare systems dry.

  • Protect America against terrorism through targeted racial profiling and by closing our borders to all immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring nations.

  • Defeat Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and their partners in the unholy “Axis of Evil” – completely and permanently.

  • Prevent Hillary Clinton and her party of social engineers from taxing you to death to pay for the “entitlements” of others too lazy to work.

  • Keep whacko liberals from turning our churches into clinics that abort babies – and then sell their body parts.

  • Stop radical groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the American Civil Liberties Union from burning your flag, eroding your freedom, attacking your family values, replacing moral purity with utter decadence, and opening the U.S. up to further terrorism.

“Liberalism is a mental disease, unraveling the very fabric of this great nation,” concludes Savage. “Traditional American freedoms are being destroyed from the outside, and undermined from within.”

The course of action prescribed in “The Savage Nation” is the cure – the best and only hope – for saving America from the liberal assault on our borders, language and culture, says Savage.

Here are some excerpts:

On multiculturalism

“With multiculturalism, immigrants don’t attempt to assimilate the dominant culture. Instead, they retain their distinct cultural heritage. They don’t bother to learn English, choosing to speak their own language and then demand that we print ballots in 18 languages. And, in the spirit of multiculturalism, they’ll sue you in a heartbeat if you don’t acquiesce to their ethnic sensitivities.”

On white males

“What I’m about to say is tantamount to blasphemy in this politically correct day and age; yet it is the truth: The great majority of advancements past and present have been brought about by the genius and inventiveness of that most ‘despicable’ of colors and genders, the dreaded white male. Our most important and consequential inventions – trains, planes, rockets, telescopes, tires, telephones, radios, television, electricity, atomic energy, computers and fax machines – have come almost exclusively from white males.”

On affirmative action

“If you eliminate, suppress, or debate the white male, you kill the goose that laid the golden egg. If you ace him out with ‘affirmative action,’ exile him from the family, teach him that he’s a blight on mankind, then bon voyage to our society. We will devolve into a Third World cesspool.”

On racial profiling

“There is a way to prevent terrorism: racial profiling, and closing our borders to all immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring nations. Guess who’ll be at the top: Middle Eastern men. Yes, men of Arab ancestry. Why should we ‘discriminate’ against them? Because 19 out of 19 of the terrorists – those scum who cut the throats of our women, who smashed planes into buildings killing thousands of us – were Middle Eastern males.”

On the ‘liberal agenda’

“The liberal agenda includes the brain beating of your children, taking away your right to own guns, taking away private property, encouraging deviant sexual behavior, favoring plants and animals over human beings, and greatly expanding the ‘right’ to kill the unborn. The armies of the left, with Hillary at the helm, are operating around the clock mapping out a strategy to regain power and to regain a national platform to peddle their socialist agenda.”

On the feminization of America

“Women are afraid of angry men. Particularly in this homosexualized, feminized America. An angry man frightens a woman. If a boyfriend can’t be like a girlfriend (with the exception of a male appendage), she doesn’t want him. If a boyfriend can’t be like a sister putting on nails with her, she’s offended by him. If a boyfriend doesn’t look like an emaciated model on heroin, she’s afraid of him.”

On the ACLU

“I refuse to whistle Dixie while my country is being overrun by psycho-lib Commu-Nazi organizations like the ACLU who defend child molesters and terrorists, who trash our traditions and who silence religious speech while wrapping themselves in the flag to justify child pornography – virtual or otherwise.”

On multilingualism

“The American sheeple are slowly coming to their senses. They’re starting to understand that an ‘English Only’ policy – English as the official language of our nation – is the glue that will hold us together. One language allows us to work together, to pull in the same direction and to communicate effectively with one another. Ever hear of the biblical account of the Tower of Babel? Go read it and you’ll see that anyone who insists several languages are better than one is wrong. In fact, every current study has shown that children who are immersed in the English language when they come to America do better in school.”

On federal funding of the arts

“We are told [that] it’s OK to display a crucifix in public – as long as it’s immersed in urine. Or the disgraceful depiction of the Virgin Mary – decorated with elephant excrement and porn clips of vaginas – displayed in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The government takes your tax dollars and then underwrites ‘artists’ whose only agenda is to mock your values and debase our culture.”

On separation of church and state

“The boll weevils on the left claim the Constitution has erected a ‘wall of separation between church and state.’ They say Americans cannot pray in public; Americans must not display religious symbols on certain holidays in public; nor can Americans sing Christmas carols in public. But they’re wrong. The alleged ‘wall of separation’ doesn’t exist. It cannot be found in any of the constitutional documents. The founding fathers guaranteed us ‘freedom of religion,’ not ‘freedom from religion.'”

On what it means to be an American

“In 1776, Thomas Paine said, ‘What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.’ Your problem is that you’ve been handed everything on a silver platter. The truth is, you don’t know how good you’ve got it in America. This may help: There is only one country in the world that attracts people from virtually every other country. Everybody wants what you have.”

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