He dances to a different beat

By Cassandra Walker

There is a lot to be said about people who dance to a different beat. Some call them oddballs, weirdoes or just downright uncoordinated.

If we are honest, we all can admit to knowing someone, perhaps even being related to someone, who was kind of, you know, odd. The child who still picks his nose in junior high, the boy who at age 13 still forgets to tie his shoes or the girl who just doesn’t quite fit in.

Maybe you were the odd person on the block. In a way, I was. I was at least five inches taller than the other kids were. I learned how to ride a two-wheeler at the age of 9. I still had accidents just as I was approaching the bathroom … in the sixth-grade hallway. It is because of these things that I have compassion for the dancers to different beats.

One of my sons dances to a different beat. He learned to tie his shoes minutes before his 8th birthday. He, like his mother, finally mastered the art of riding two-wheelers right around the age of a decade. He found it very difficult to blow bubbles with bubblegum and run without falling down. He has often been the last one picked for the backyard basketball team, even when his brother was choosing. At last, he figured out how to use the can opener – in the fifth-grade.

At times, it became somewhat embarrassing for him, and for me. I so wanted him to be like the other well-coordinated boys on the block. I wanted to watch him throw a baseball and it end up way down the road, instead of at his ankles. I, like him, desired for him to be able to swim in the deep end, instead of pretending he was sick so the other kids wouldn’t tease him.

Then one day it dawned on me. This son may not be fully in sync yet, but he is the first one to come running with a tissue when mommy cries at a movie. He rushes to be by my side when I slip on ice or drop something. This is the son who will sit with me the entire Saturday when I have the flu, missing a day to play with his friends. He is quick to read me his favorite book when he knows I have had a rough day. He also will tell me he loves me, no matter how many kids are snickering behind him.

Yes, there is something to say about people who dance to a different beat … they’re wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.