Palestinian TV pulls out
stops for Ramadan

By WND Staff

Palestinian television used the occasion of the Muslim month of Ramadan to broadcast programming with a distinctly anti-Jewish theme, including a sermon in which Jews were called “cursed … the brothers of monkeys and pigs,” reports Palestinian Media Watch.

The sermon, delivered last Friday by Dr. Mustafa Najem, argued that attacking Jews is part of the destiny of Muslims and Arabs.

“Allah loves those who fight on his behalf. …” said Najem. “Allah said, ‘Your Lord has declared that he will surely send against them [the Jews] until Resurrection, those who will afflict them with terrible torment.'”

“Praise be to Allah, who has cursed [the Jews], the brothers of monkeys and pigs, with a stream of curses that will continue until the Resurrection of the dead,” Najem declared. “He has warned us against their evil and their arrogance, and has said: ‘You will find that the most brazen among mankind, with hatred toward the believers, are the Jews and the idolaters.’ [Koran, 81,5].

“It is not foreign to them to shed our blood. They murder and slaughter us, demolish our homes and destroy everything that is important to us. … The Jews are Jews, and we are forbidden to forget their character traits even for a moment, even for a blink of an eye. O [Muslim] Servants of Allah! The Jews are those who tried to murder your Prophet in order to expunge the call [to Islam]. It is no wonder that it has been legitimized [for them] to kill and slaughter us. …”

Najem continued: “Our enemies are waging a war against us, against Islam and the Muslims in particular, against those who demand their rights, and against any Muslim who seeks to hold his head up. They are trying to subdue us with hard oppression. Such are the Jews, who are fighting against us during Ramadan and our peaceful festival, and also during the holy months, because they are idolaters, heretics, whose faith is false. While we are the believers in the truth and in the true faith. …”

Najem pointed out Muhammad’s wishes in regards to “Arabia.”

“[Muhammad] said, after he expelled [the Jews] from Arabia, ‘Two religions will not be here together.’ … It is not unusual for the Jews, nor uncharacteristic of their traits, or their ancestry, or their wild behavior, what they are doing … slaughter after slaughter, invasion after invasion. This has been the custom of the Jews throughout the generations and the ages. This is especially so when the Muslims are united and seek their full rights, since [Muslims] are the ones with the Truth and the Jews have Falsehood.”