Arafat orders Christmas canceled

By Hal Lindsey

Last year, Arafat declared Jesus a Muslim and made a big show of trying to attend the Catholic Christmas mass after being forbidden to do so by Israel. Arafat got fabulous global coverage, portraying him as a victim of Israeli religious “intolerance.” (Remember – Arafat-Muslim, Israel-Jew, Christmas-Christian – how did Christ get involved, here?)

A declaration by Yasser Arafat that Jesus was a Muslim does not make Arafat a Catholic. In any case, barring Muslim Arafat from attending Christian Mass last year was evidence of “Israeli religious intolerance,” but nobody is calling Muslim Arafat “intolerant” for canceling Christmas for Christians this year.

Am I the only one wondering what this is all about? I note that Israel denying a Muslim his Christmas celebration is intolerant, but a Muslim denying the Christian world the same thing is not.

Why is that? Well, here’s a hint. Both Christians and Jews worship the God of the Bible. Islam does not.

In any case, Yasser Arafat has decided to punish Israel for reoccupying Bethlehem by canceling Christmas. Speaking to reporters at his Ramallah office, Arafat called the army’s decision to declare Bethlehem a closed military zone until the end of the year a “crime.”

“These [Israeli] measures mean that there is no Christmas this year,” Arafat said. Now that’s power! Arafat, a Muslim, to punish Israel, a Jewish state, has decided to cancel Christmas, a Christian holiday.

Arafat the Muslim says that if the Jewish state behaves itself, he’ll un-cancel the Christian Christmas in Bethlehem. Speaking through Palestinian “sources,” Arafat let it be known that his decision would be rescinded if the Israeli Defense Forces leave the city.

Immediately after canceling Christmas, Arafat appealed directly to the pope to intervene, according to the Jerusalem Post. (“Stop me, before I cancel New Year’s and Easter!”) He took his case to the “international community” (the media) as well, demanding they condemn the Israeli “invasion” of Bethlehem and demanding they put pressure on the Israelis to pull out.

But every single time Israel does pull out, the terrorists regroup and attack another Israeli target. So Arafat is, in essence, using the occasion of the birth of Christ to facilitate additional murders against Israeli women and children.

According to statistics compiled by the IDF, as of Nov. 17, 2002, there had been a total of 15,298 Palestinian terror attacks against Israel since the intifada began in September 2000.

No other modern state has endured that many attacks in a 2-year period. Arafat and Company have set a record that nobody hopes to ever see broken.

And now, having already taken Israel’s security hostage and while holding the rest of the Middle East hostage, threatening to plunge the entire region into war if his demands are not met, Arafat decided this would be a good time to take Christmas hostage.

But it isn’t about Arafat canceling Christmas. Obviously, that is just the delusional stage of advanced megalomania speaking.

It’s about the silence of the Christian world at Arafat’s effort to hold Christianity symbolically hostage. Where is the outrage at his cynical effort to use Christianity as part of his propaganda war?

Arafat claims Jesus and Bethlehem for Islam, and threatens to ring the Church of the Nativity with assassins unless Israel bends to his political demands.

Isn’t that terrorism?