Does al-Qaida have
Iraqi chem warhead?

By WND Staff

Jihadists associated with Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network have taken possession of a chemical weapon in Iraq, according to Bush administration sources who find the intelligence reports credible.

Administration sources suspect the chemical weapon is the nerve agent VX, reports the Washington Post today.

If the report proves true, it would be the most recent evidence to support the charge, aired for months by President Bush and his advisers, that al-Qaida terrorists continue to receive material assistance in Iraq.

“Let there be no doubt that I and the president and others have let it be known, publicly and privately, to the Saddam Hussein regime that anyone who is involved in using weapons of mass destruction will wish they hadn’t,” Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said on the “Today” show about the report. “I think what I can say publicly is that, as has been said by the Central Intelligence Agency and the president, there are al-Qaida connected to Iraq who have used that country, just as there are al-Qaida in Iran and Pakistan and the United States and other countries. And we also know that the al-Qaida and other terrorist networks have actively sought to gain access to chemical and biological and radiation weapons.”

First developed as a weapon by the U.S. Army, VX is an oily, odorless and tasteless liquid that kills on contact with the skin or when inhaled in aerosol form.