Palestinian TV: ‘Proud’
of our ‘martyrs’

By WND Staff

Palestinian television broadcast an interview with a mother who prayed during a pilgrimage to Mecca that her son would die fighting against Israel. The mother also launched into a warning to Israelis, expressing her desire to become a shahid, or “martyr,” herself.

“I have one wish for all Israeli mothers, for all Israelis,” she said. “They should not relax, they should not sleep peacefully, they should always have nightmares, night and day.”

The mother vowed that Palestinians will blow up Israelis “day and night, wherever they go.”

“If I see an Israeli, I will blow up among them,” she said.

The Palestinian television presenter ended the interview with the comment: “Of course, we are always very proud of all of our shahids.”

The interview, broadcast Dec. 5, was translated by Palestinian Media Watch in Israel, or PMW, which noted that Palestinian TV frequently broadcasts interviews with parents who express joy that their children had become shahids for Allah. But this presentation went further, PMW said, with a mother who proudly recounted that while on pilgrimage to Mecca she prayed that her son would die fighting Israelis.

“[My second son Naji] became a shahid on March 23, 2002, at the age of 20,” the mother said.

Another son has also become a shahid, the program noted.

“Before I made my pilgrimage, he put his hands on my head and said: ‘Be calm, mother, be calm, this is my wish. Pray for me, that I will be a shahid,'” the mother said, quoting her son Naji.

The woman said that when she did the Islamic pilgrimage circuit in Mecca and Medina, “I swear to Allah, that I prayed for him … and said: ‘Praise Allah, my children asked for shahada, and it is better than the way we will die. Their death is for Allah, death for our country, death for our Jerusalem.'”

The mother said she wished that all Israelis “should dream of how the Palestinian people kill them and blow them up. They should not be relaxed, and should not sleep – not them and not their sons, not their children nor the Israeli army.”

“They should not be able to travel on the buses, nor drive a tank, nor even ride a bike,” she said. “Wherever they turn, the Israelis should see [someone] and say: ‘Maybe it’s a Palestinian.'”

The mother, also speaking to Israelis, said: “This Jerusalem is our Jerusalem, and not yours.”

“We are the children of Palestine, the Muslim nation,” she said. “You will not live in comfort, not an Israeli’s mother, nor a soldier’s mother, nor a soldier’s grandfather nor a soldier’s father.”

“No Israeli of any kind should live in comfort,” she continued. “Even in their sleep, they will have nightmares. We will blow them up day and night, wherever they go. And I, as the mother of two shahids, if I see an Israeli, I will blow up among them.”