Editor’s note: Some of the language quoted below will be offensive to some readers.

There’s a dark little corner of the Internet where a gruesome assortment of leftists and socialists gather to post what passes for their “thoughts” on political issues. The site is called DemocraticUnderground.com, and it’s certainly worth a quick stop the next time you go cruising. Several of my listeners keep a constant watch on this site and alert me to particularly interesting discussion threads.

I catch a lot of flak for my constant references to the Democratic Party as the Democratic Socialist Party. Maybe I can quell some of the dissension by telling you some of the postings I have read on Democratic Underground recently.

Last Thursday, a comment appeared with the title, “It’s official, I’m a socialist at heart.” This writer had visited a neighborhood of “multi-million dollars homes” that for the most part have only “two people (rich, old white couples) living in them.” She wrote, “I really cannot stand rich, selfish people. I do believe in redistribution of wealth. Rich people do not get that way by themselves, they do it on the backs of others.” Other Democratic Underground members chimed in with their responses. Among them:

  • “And I couldn’t agree more. Rich people don’t earn their money.”

  • “In a land where continuous warfare is a national priority … socialism has a great appeal.”

  • “Only misguided fools believe that the rich earned their spot as such.”

  • “Rich people got rich by screwing everyone else. Rich people stay rich by screwing everyone else even harder.”

  • “All liberals are socialists at heart. We know that socialism … will end up being the only way.”

That, my friends, is scary stuff, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard in 33 years of hosting talk-radio shows. There is burning envy – an envy that borders on outright hatred of the rich in this country. This envy is intense enough to consume the hearts and minds of many who call themselves “Democrats.”

Where does this hatred come from? Why is it so important to so many people to believe that the evil rich got their money through anything but hard work?

To understand this, you need to imagine yourself struggling to make ends meet. You’re renting an apartment and driving every day to a dead-end job that ‘s going nowhere. You work your 40-hour week, and have nothing to show for it but rent receipts and credit card bills. You hear about all of these people getting sick on cruise ships, and grouse that you don’t have enough money to even get on the ship, let alone throw up on the poop deck.

So, just why aren’t you rich? Why don’t you have a fancy car? Why aren’t you tossing your lunch on Caribbean cruises? Why do you make rent payments instead of mortgage payments?

The last thing you want to do is to admit that this all may be your fault. Your poverty couldn’t possibly have anything to do with your decision to forego college for that great job at the mall. You’re also convinced that your decision to hang out with your friends at night instead of getting some more education at the local community college was the right one. Hey! You work hard and deserve your fun, right?

And just why should you have to work more than 40 hours a week? That’s what you’re supposed to work, right? Forty hours, no more. After all, you’re not a slave, are you? What about your huge car payments? Sure, you could be putting that money into an investment account, but you need that fancy car, right? And the rims? Hey! A guy’s gotta be cool, you know what I’m saying?

So … those rich people? Did they get that way doing the things you won’t do? Working the 60-hour week, continuing with their education, buying cheap cars with ordinary wheels and investing the rest? Do they have the nice homes and the fancy cars because they make good choices and aren’t afraid of taking a risk now and then?

No way! If a person could really get rich that way you would have done it already, right? No, that’s now how they got their money. These people are rich because they exploited people. They got their money by climbing on the backs of working people like you! They were lucky! They inherited it! They didn’t earn it. If it could be earned, you would have done it, right?

You have to protect yourself here, don’t you? If you accept that the vast majority of those you call “rich” got there through hard work, then don’t you have to ask yourself why you’re not one of them? It’s just so much easier to cast them as callous, selfish monsters and evil exploiters of the working class while preserving the mantle of goodness and righteousness for yourself. Hey, you may be poor, but at least you’re a nice person, right?

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