“But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:25-27)

It’s all over now: Lott fleetingly looked back in time and turned to salt, much like the wife of the biblical Lot, who gazed behind her at Sodom and Gomorrah as “the Lord rained down burning sulfur” on the sinful cities, and was terminated for her disobedience.

For his disobedience, albeit to a different Ministry, Trent Lott was also terminated.

Only seasoned and cynical opportunists could suggest that it was for segregation – and stringing up – of blacks that Lott was pining. That the cries of “racism” from the nation’s professional pointy-heads are so successful evinces the power of the race card. Leveled at innocent white Americans, race is like stigmata. The custodians of consensus have only to say the word and most whites duly welt and bleed.

Or so Trent Lott discovered.

Southerners, to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, may have been drained of their best blood by the War Between the States, but vestiges of good breeding, charm and civility remain in many a Southern Man.

To express a yearning for barbaric lynchings and segregation is by any standard tacky and tasteless. And “most Americans believe Lott’s praise of Thurmond did not indicate that he endorsed segregationist policies,” a Gallup poll duly confirms, “but rather that he made a poor choice of words.”

A courageous individual might have summoned the strength to state openly what exactly he was talking about. Instead, Lott dissolved into an apologetic puddle.

Admittedly the Many Ministries of Truth make truth telling a difficult task. In fiction, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is a reified entity. In reality, there isn’t one concrete ministry that decides how the nation thinks – there are many ministries. They’ve evolved over time, and they issue countless subliminal and deadly edicts.

One type of aversion treatment is to call the unhappy victim a racist – it’s the contemporary version of fingering a witch during the Salem witchcraft trials. This treatment awaits any and all who fail to adhere to the parameters of correct thinking, transmitted by and embedded in all cultural products – the education system, the churches, the media and the politically endorsed intellectuals.

When the many Ministries of Truth – the media, the pundits, G.W. Bush and phalanxes of politicians, stakeholders and activists – say that Trent Lott’s remarks were emblematic of the eternal Mark of Cain whites must bear, most accept culpability.

After all, older folks excepted, not many remember what Strom Thurmond voters were voting for.

Again, Gallup to the rescue: A 1948 poll exposes the issue the Many Ministries of Truth labor to conceal. It was not race that was on the minds of Thurmond voters, but increasing federal involvement in states and, by extension, in individual affairs.

Americans in 1948 “didn’t want in general the government to be involved,” Frank Newport of the Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing told MSNBC’s unreceptive Jerry Nachman.

If anything, the poll reflects the views of a more enlightened segment of the population in whom the flames of federalism – and freedom – still flickered.

When Strom Thurmond went up against Harry S. Truman and Thomas E. Dewey in 1948, it was about states’ rights. Dixiecrats was the derogatory name the Media Ministry gave to what was really the States Rights Democratic Party.

Today’s young collectivist, crypto-fascist school graduate has “progressive” parents that are as bereft as he of the intellectual tools to understand the greatest revolution – politically and philosophically – in history: the American Revolution. In American homes, reverence for the bloodthirsty, human-sacrificing primitive culture is more likely than reverence for the followers of the Lockean tradition of natural rights, the American Founders.

The uniqueness of the American Revolution was the understanding of freedom it bespoke. By today’s standards, King George III’s “train of abuses” seems almost petty compared with the controls the latter-day King George exerts on liberty and property.

But not to men who were steeped in the doctrine of natural rights and individual liberty, as the Founders were. The inalienable rights to life, liberty and property, they felt, were best preserved within a federal system of divided sovereignty, where the central government was weak and where most powers devolved to the states, or to the people, respectively, as stated in the 10th Amendment. If a state became tyrannical, competition from other states, and the individual’s ability to exit the political arrangement and switch loyalties, would create something of a free market in government.

This was the genius of the libertarian founders.

In 1948, the Many Ministries of Truth had not yet killed this flower of freedom.

As Thomas J. DiLorenzo explains in “The Real Lincoln “: the death of state rights, orchestrated by Lincoln, translated into the death of a government by consent of the people. Since this demise, the people have been governed by an occupying force – the federal government – which subsumes most of the powers with the aid of “the black robed deities of the Court.”

And there is nowhere left to run.

On a happier note: To readers who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ today, keep the faith and have a Merry Christmas.

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