Paul Likoudis’ fastidious, fully indexed, “Amchurch Comes Out: The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda,” is written in pain and love by a deeply devoted Catholic journalist.

As news editor of The Wanderer, an orthodox Catholic newspaper, Likoudis spent 15 years researching, recording and writing about how sexual libertinism and “queer theology” taught in Catholic colleges and seminaries is “deconstructing” heterosexuality.

Bob Dornan, the fighting Irishman and former California congressman, minced no words in endorsing “Amchurch”:

Every American of good will must read this book. The U.S. bishops and their bureaucrats can no longer suppress the truth that the Catholic Church in this country has been penetrated by an aggressive homosexual network.

It is now obvious that the Church hierarchy has “circled the wagons” to protect a sexually corrupt “network” which tolerated and bred pedophiles (heterosexual boy and girl molesters) and pederasts (homosexual boy molesters). What is less obvious is that this pattern was laid down by the “human sexuality” field in 1948.

In 1948 Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s bogus “children as sexual from birth” data were dropped on the nation like a cultural atomic bomb. Called “the K-Bomb,” Kinsey’s claims in “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” shattered the national consensus of children’s asexual innocence – a consensus that in hindsight was arguably the greatest achievement of the Judeo-Christian moral universe.

Indeed, for decades the therapeutic “sex field” labored surreptitiously – globally and nationally – to eradicate legal protections for childhood. Their success in destroying the belief in childhood asexual purity is measurable say, in the 1,000 percent to 15,000 percent increase in child sexual-abuse reports from 1976 to 1999, with 67 percent of all sex-abuse victims under age 18 – massive increases in “illegitimacy,” partial-birth abortion, 58,200 (largely sexual) non-family child abductions in 1999 and so on.

Success for the sex-therapy field is also measured by the fact that although the Government Accounting Office found no successful sex-offender program from 1977 to 1996, in 1990 the American Bar Association reported that roughly 80 percent of convicted child molesters go scot-free (with “therapy”).

This appears to still be a fair statistic.

Likoudis exposes the reliance upon “long-discarded Kinseyan statistics … claim[ing] “10 percent of the human population is lesbian and gay.”

He also cites pornography and “sex education” as common devices to seduce seminarians and younger boys into potentially fatal sexual trials.

Likoudis quotes one mother: “We … believed the bishops when they said that our kids needed sex education. We had no idea the pastor would use the rectory to conduct his sex-education classes to abuse our kids.”

Untold numbers of young seminarians were forced to attend the SAR, the pornographic “Sexual Attitude Restructuring” program created at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco under then IASHS Dean Wardell Pomeroy, Kinsey co-author and sometime lover.

In 1977, this premiere sexuality “institute” published “Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality,” a series of glossy photographs of their faculty, staff and students engaged in illegal sexual acts, orgies and such – including child pornography.

The IASHS claims their pornographic protocol has trained well over 100,000 human-sexuality experts, a large number who serve various religious disciplines.

So, teaching as they have been taught, pornographic texts and films of masturbation, heterosexual and homosexual sexual acts are reported as “formation” in many Catholic institutions.

Moreover, Likoudis documents a National Institutes of Heath $1.24 million dollar grant to University of Arizona “researcher” Dr. William Crano to conduct an unmonitored, illegal, experimental three-year AIDS survey on 2,453 elementary school children (“a heretofore shielded sample”) in the Tucson Diocese.

The immorality and criminality of the NIH-funded assault on Catholic children as guinea pigs can best be seen in the researchers’ indifference to the statistically predictable harm they would do. Although the child-protection data find roughly 25 percent of girls and almost the same percentage of boys in a classroom have been sexually traumatized in some manner, these vulnerable children were not a concern to the “researchers.”

Apparently no responsible researchers, diocesans or NIH officials have been fired or brought to trial.

Paul Likouidis’ encyclopedic work exposing the eroticized American Catholic Church confirms what we know historically: that a corrupt national eroticisation will lead inevitably to mass sexual atrocities against children.

Editors note: “Amchurch Comes Out” is available online here.

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