Mel Gibson under attack
for Jesus film?

By WND Staff

Actor-director Mel Gibson said tonight he’s under attack for making a realistic movie about the suffering, sacrificial death of Jesus.

On Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Gibson said a reporter was dispatched by a “reputable” but unnamed publication to “dig up dirt” on him.

“Whenever you take up a subject like this it does bring out a lot of enemies,” he said. His private life, his banking records, charities he supports, friends, business associates and family members have all undergone scrutiny in this investigation, he said.

Asked if he believed there was a direct correlation between this investigation and his work on “The Passion,” a film he is making in Aramaic and Latin for authenticity, Gibson said: “I think there is.”

“I’m a big boy,” said Gibson. “I can take care of myself, but when you start messing around with my 85-year-old father, watch out.”

Even though Gibson was angry about what he considers harassment of his friends and family and prying into his personal life, he said he has already forgiven the reporter and those behind him.

“This is a movie about love, faith, hope and forgiveness,” Gibson said. “He died for all mankind. He (Jesus) suffered for all of us. It’s time to get back to that basic message. The world has gone nuts. We could all use a little more love, faith, hope and forgiveness.”