I was catching up on the news this past week and saw the headline, “Democrats urge draft.” Yet, the whole thing turned into a fiasco.

The draft idea came from a few congressmen trying to make a point. As reported by the Associated Press, “Two leading House of Representatives Democrats called on Tuesday for bringing back the military draft, saying political leaders would be more wary of sending troops to Iraq if their children were going to help do the fighting.”

Representatives Charles Rangel and John Conyers are the responsible parties for bringing it up.

Rangel said, “I believe that if those calling for war knew that their children were likely to be required to serve – and to be placed in harm’s way – there would be more caution and greater willingness to work with the international community in dealing with Iraq.”

Conyers chimed in: “It has unfortunately become the duty of someone else’s child to go to war and die as the privileged evade the tragic consequences of war.”

Right. Well, the last I heard, our military was voluntary. But, anyway, their idea of a draft is absurd and was immediately dismissed by every sane politician and pundit.

Even if looked at reasonably with serious consideration, the draft will not happen again. First of all, when thousands of young servicemen die in war, it’s bad. It’s bad for politicians’ popularity. It’s bad for the parents. And it’s just plain bad when people die. Bottom line: Modern political feelings and ideas will not allow a draft.

Second, war is usually unpopular, but when you’re forcing young Americans to go to fight a war, it’s really unpopular. Case in point: The Vietnam War.

Lastly, we simply do not fight like that anymore. The battle of Afghanistan was fought primarily with tactical and precise bombing from jets taking off of aircraft carriers and small groups of Special Forces.

Wars are not won in hand-to-hand combat through nation invading. Our technology has reached amazing heights and done amazing things. Never again will we fight a war where hundreds of thousands die … on our side.

A serious proposition of a draft would be shot down before it saw the light of day – it is simply ludicrous.

However, it’s good that our nation review such ideas to realize where we stand and we obviously stand against the draft. Still, in addition to the reasons above explaining why a draft can’t be imposed, there are many more reasons for the basis of opposing a proposed draft.

First, when the branches of the service are filled with those not wanting to do their job, performance would be at an all time low. An alternative to the draft would be boosting the military by making it attractive – raise the pay, allow more benefits. Make the service an option that looks more attractive.

Second, the military is strong and the reserves are strong. Morale has increased after Sept. 11 and there is no shortage of servicemen. American citizens continue to volunteer and there seems to be more of a purpose after the attacks.

Lastly, the final line is that the draft is immoral – period. There are no exceptions. It is completely immoral to force young men and women into a situation where they have a great chance of dying and become property of the United States government.

If, out of some weird circumstance, the draft is imposed when I am eligible, I wouldn’t dodge. I would join up and fight for our country with pride, but I might die along with many others because some of the people next to me don’t want to be there and never wanted to be drafted.

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