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Clara Harris loved her husband. She loved her family – the family she and David Harris, an orthodontist, had built together.

Clara Harris

When she discovered her husband was carrying on an affair with a co-worker, Gail Bridges, a divorcee with three children of her own, she worked hard to rebuild the marriage.

When her husband told her July 24 he was breaking off his affair with Bridges at a dinner engagement that evening, Clara Harris was hopeful and elated.

She hired help to watch the children for a couple days and announced she was leaving to go bring her husband back home.

But, as a woman spurned once, she was not naive. She checked with a private detective she had hired to watch her husband and learned he was not at the Houston restaurant having dinner with Bridges. Instead, the creep was at the very hotel at which Clara and David Harris had married on Valentine’s Day 10 years earlier.

Even Lindsey Harris, David Harris’ 16-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, was incensed at her father’s treatment of her stepmother. Tearfully, she decided to accompany Clara Harris for a confrontation with the creep.

Clara Harris caught up with David Harris and Bridges in the hotel lobby. She threw a few punches and ripped the blouse of the home-wrecking wench. The creep stood by – apparently afraid to intercede in the fight. A hotel clerk had to break up the fight.

As Clara Harris was escorted from the hotel, the creep mustered the courage to shout to her: “It’s over! It’s over! It’s over!”

This time, the creep was right.

When David Harris emerged from the hotel and tried to get in Bridges’ truck, Clara Harris hit the gas on her Mercedes and ran over Harris, shearing the passenger door right off the home wrecker’s Navigator. She ran over him a few more times to make sure he was dead.

Then, she apologized to the creep and told him how much she loved him.

Clara Harris is on trial for murder in Houston.

I say: Free Clara Harris. We need more women like her. Live like her.

There is no accountability any more for the kind of wanton irresponsibility David “The Creep” Harris showed toward his wife and his children. There’s no penalty any more for adultery, for abandonment of one’s spouse and children. The state doesn’t get involved – except to divide up the property and sort out custody issues. No one is punished.

And that, I believe, is why America’s families are crumbling at such an alarming rate.

People are no longer accountable to anyone. They don’t believe they are accountable to God. They don’t believe they are accountable to their spouses. And they don’t believe they are accountable to their children. They are not accountable to the state, as no-fault divorce laws have made certain.

Since everyone is abdicating responsibility and accountability, there are sure to be more incidents like the Harris affair.

If I were on that jury, I would find Clara Harris not guilty. After she was sprung, I’d give her a medal. She did the world a favor. She may have acted emotionally. She may be sorry for what she has done. But, frankly, she did the right thing. That creep deserved what he got.

Apparently I am not alone in my thinking on this. Even “The Creep’s” own parents have stood by Clara Harris’ side through this ordeal.

Free this woman now and let her rebuild a life with her poor children – who have been victimized enough by the trauma instigated by the dead creep.

Free her and let her be an example to every cheating husband and wife in America. There is a price to pay. Sometimes it’s the ultimate price.

Anyone can make a mistake. Anyone can be tempted into sin. But the creep had a second chance. Now let’s give Clara Harris a second chance.

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