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In 1987, a movie about a psycho-slut played by Glenn Close caused married men across America to think twice about unzipping their pants around strange women.

Nobody in his right mind wanted to end up like the Michael Douglas character in “Fatal Attraction.”

His sins, indeed, found him out.

In a strange and twisted way, this film was redemptive – though I don’t think it was intended to be. It caused men to appreciate their wives again. It made them think twice about cheating. It reminded them there are always uncalculated costs to such affairs – however fleeting and consensual they may seem.

It took Bill Clinton’s official brand of get-it-while-you-can misogyny to swing the nation’s moral pendulum back to where it was prior to “Fatal Attraction.”

I was thinking about the impact of this movie again while pondering Clara Harris, the Texas woman on trial for murdering her unfaithful dog of a husband.

I’ve taken a lot of heat for suggesting Clara Harris should not only be freed, but be given a medal for running over her lying, cheating spouse.

I guess some of my readers just don’t get the point.

Individuals must be held accountable for personal immorality or our world will quickly become a cesspool. No-fault divorce and no-fault marriages are wreaking havoc on our culture. Listen to the sad anthems of pop music today and you will hear the cries of a generation being raised in broken homes.

There is no accountability any more for the kind of wanton irresponsibility David Harris showed toward his wife and his children. There’s no penalty any more for adultery, for abandonment of one’s spouse and children. The state doesn’t get involved – except to divide up the property and sort out custody issues. No one is punished.

Not that any of this is the government’s business.

There was a time when accountability for such behavior came from the church and from the synagogues in America. Courageous clerics and wise elders practiced excommunication, disfellowshipping and shunning of moral reprobates who didn’t put their families first.

Only when the church abdicated its authority in this area – or, more precisely, its will to do this dirty work – did the government step in to pass judgment on disintegrating families. The government’s solution, over the past 20 years, has essentially been to overturn all laws against adultery and other so-called “victimless,” consensual sex crimes.

In other words, both churches and the government have given permission to people like David Harris to cast his family’s fate to the wind so he can get his rocks off with a partner du jour.

People are no longer accountable to anyone. They don’t believe they are accountable to God. They don’t believe they are accountable to their spouses. And they don’t believe they are accountable to their children. They are not accountable to the state, as no-fault divorce laws have made certain.

Since everyone is abdicating responsibility and accountability, there are sure to be more incidents like the Harris affair.

That’s why, if I were on that jury, I would find Clara Harris not guilty. After she was sprung, I’d give her a hug. Let forgiveness begin right here. Let’s send a message to the David Harrisses of the world that enough is enough.

David Harris met his “Fatal Attraction.” When he decided to continue his affair at the expense of another marriage and another family, he signed his own death warrant.

Just imagine if every potential cheating husband in the world had to consider facing such consequences for their actions. Do you think it might change their behavior? Do you think more husbands might forgo a few moments of pleasure for the sake of their own lives? Do you think more families might actually stay together?

That’s why I say: Free Clara Harris now and let her rebuild a life with her poor children – who have been victimized enough by the trauma instigated by the dead creep.

Free her and let her be an example to every cheating husband and wife in America. Send a message far and wide – no cheating husband is safe from the wrath of his angry wife. And, vice versa, no cheating wife is safe from the wrath of an angry husband. There is a price to pay. Sometimes it’s the ultimate price.

Anyone can make a mistake. Anyone can be tempted into sin. But the creep had a second chance. Now let’s give Clara Harris a second chance.

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