Is Hollywood cleaning up its act?

It better, if it wants to please moviegoers. That’s the message coming out of an analysis of the Top 10 grossing movies at the box office last year.

The annual study conducted by the Christian Film & Television Commission reveals the most popular movies in 2002 were among the cleanest.

Six of the Top 10, and four of the Top Five, contained no sexual immorality, and seven of the 10 were void of sexual nudity.

Only two of the Top 10 had sexual content rated “strong,” “very strong” or “explicit.”

The blockbusters predictably were packed with action violence, but none of the Top 10 contained any really graphic, gory violence.

Spider-man (Courtesy: Columbia Pictures)

Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman and founder of the commission released the results of the study in an editorial published by ASSIST News Service.

Baehr also publishes MOVIEGUIDE?, a Christian family magazine that seeks to redeem the values of Hollywood by keeping parents informed about latest trends in entertainment.

“The facts show that movies with moral principles, godly virtues, traditional values and positive Christian content do best at the box office,” said Baehr.

In addtion to less sex and gore, the heavy hitters also cut down on alcohol, drugs and profanity.

The content analysis found all of the Top 10 films kept alcohol use to a minimum, and only one showed illegal drug use. Six included at least one scene where a character or characters smoked.

Six of the Top 10 also contained fewer than 10 obscenities or profanities, and only two had more than 25 obscenities or profanities throughout the film.

The most encouraging results, according to the commission, was that eight of the Top 10 movies – including the top grossing movie of the year, “Spider-man” – contained at least some positive Christian content. Four of the Top Five had strong moral and/or strong Christian content in them, including “Spider-man,” “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones,” “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

“Spider-man,” released by Columbia Pictures, currently ranks fifth among the top grossing movies of all time, raking in $403.7 million.

Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers (Courtesy: New Line)

“Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” currently ranks ninth, pulling in $316 million.

The box office appears to have been telling Hollywood to clean up its act for some time.

According to The Movie Times, the top 29 grossing movies of all time are rated G, PG or PG-13.

Overall, the commission rated six of the Top 10 flicks as “acceptable for families,” with a caution for children age 7 to12 years.

Only two movies, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” were rated “completely unacceptable for any audience” by the commission. “Goldmember” was cited for its “sexual content, gross body humor and worldview.” The commission took issue with the latest in the Harry Potter series for its “strong occult worldview and moral relativism.”

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