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Some people still maintain Iraq could not possibly be in league with the likes of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network because, after all, Saddam Hussein is a “secular” dictator, and bin Laden is an “Islamic fundamentalist.”

While it’s true that most Arab regimes fear the jihadists, it is also true that many have sponsored them – Iraq being just one example.

In fact, Iraq actively supported al-Qaida for a full decade leading up to Sept. 11, 2001. That support is well-chronicled in Yossef Bodansky’s “Bin Laden: The Man Who declared War on America.” (Keep in mind this book was published a full year before Sept. 11.) Bodansky names names, dates, times, places. The man the U.S. Congress turns to as a terrorism expert leaves little doubt about Iraq’s long history with al-Qaida.

Iraq even went so far as to provide the fuselage of a Boeing 707 airliner to the terrorists so they could practice hijacking techniques. To me, this fact alone more than justifies the coming war against Iraq.

But, more to the point, why would the “secular” dictator of Iraq support the jihadists? The answer: Because they have more in common than you think.

Obviously it is true that both al-Qaida jihadists and Hussein share a common hatred of America and Israel. But the answer is deeper than that. More broadly speaking, they both hate Jews, Christians and Western Civilization. While one, Hussein, is only nominally a devotee of Islam, the other, bin Laden, is fanatically devoted to his faith.

That’s enough common ground for them to share an evil ideology I call “Islamo-fascism.” This is the real enemy we face on a global scale. There are many faces of Islam – some malignant, some benign. But there is one force challenging the U.S., Israel, Christians and Jews worldwide. That force is Islamo-fascism.

Understanding the concept of Islamo-fascism can help you understand why millions of non-Muslims around the world have been rallying to stop the war on Iraq. They may not be Muslims, but they are sympathetic to aspects of fascism. This ideology had broad appeal in France and Germany 60 years ago. It should not be difficult to understand its renewed appeal in those two countries.

You see, fascism is not what most people think it is. It is not the “right wing” polar opposite of “left wing.” Instead, as I have explained many times before, fascism is a form of socialism and a kissing cousin of communism. Both are totalitarian ideologies that require broad state control, if not ownership, of the means of production.

But you may also notice that both communism and fascism share varying degrees of antipathy toward Jews and Christians and Western Civilization.

Now, perhaps, you can see why the peace marchers, many of whom describe themselves as “progressives” and socialists, have more sympathy for Saddam Hussein than they do for Israel and the United States.

For more than 20 years, I have been writing about a growing unholy alliance between the socialists (both communist-oriented and fascists) and the radical Islamic world. Fascism is the force that binds them together.

Why do fascists and other socialists hate America, Christians and Jews? Because they detest and reject the idea of a transcendent God who reveals absolute moral law to the human race. Fascists and communists both reject that notion for their own reasons. Communists reject it because they seek to impose God-like authority on the state, and fascists reject it because they traditionally seek to impose an alternate religious value system on the people.

Nazis, for instance, sought to restore an ancient pre-Christian consciousness – or a kind of paganism – on the people of Germany. Likewise, the Islamo-fascists – be they Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden – have their own unique religious perspectives.

Are you beginning to understand how and why Hussein and bin Laden can create a political and military marriage of convenience? Are you beginning to understand how and why white, skinhead, neo-Nazi-types could be recruited to work alongside Islamo-fascists in acts of terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing?

To defeat an enemy, you must first identify it.

We’re not fighting a war on “terrorism.” Terrorism is merely a tactic of war. We’re also not fighting a war against Islam. It’s time to recognize just whom we are fighting, what we are up against. The enemy is Islamo-fascism. And that’s just another way to say the enemy is fascism.

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