The terrorist group Hezbollah, backed by Iran and based in southern Lebanon, has begun marketing a computer game simulating attacks on Israeli soldiers and allowing target practice using Israeli officials such as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The game, “Special Force,” took two years of development by the Hezbollah Central Internet Bureau, according to a report today in Lebanon’s Daily Star.

According to the report, the game, which hit the market two weeks ago, places players in different stages of Hezbollah operations against the Jewish state. Players face the same conditions as Hezbollah terrorists, including geographic locations, mines, the number of Israeli troops and even the weather conditions. Special Force also offers a training simulation, where players can practice their shooting skills on targets such as Sharon and other Israeli political and military figures.

On the cover of the game’s box, a message to users says “the designers of Special Force are very proud to provide you with this special product, which embodies objectively the defeat of the Israeli enemy and the heroic actions taken by heroes of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.” It adds: “Be a partner in the victory. Fight, resist and destroy your enemy in the game of force and victory.”

Mahmoud Rayya, an official from the Hezbollah bureau, told the Daily Star that Special Force was designed to compete against foreign computer games that show Arabs as enemies and Americans as the heroes that defeat them.

Rayya said that the decision to produce the game was made by top Hezbollah officials, who believe it will help them win the international media war with Israel.

“This game is resisting the Israeli occupation through the media,” he added.

Rayya said that the game would introduce the resistance to young people.

“In a way, Special Force offers a mental and personal training for those who play it, allowing them to feel that they are in the shoes of the resistance fighters,” Rayya said.

He said that game has been a “success,” since it was launched two weeks ago, adding that it had already sold thousands of copies in Lebanon. The game is currently selling in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, Rayya said, adding that the distributors were aiming to reach more countries soon.

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