After years of pleading for tolerance of themselves, even though they are by far the nation’s leading spreaders of HIV, AIDS and now syphilis, those homosexual militants, the Sodomy Lobby, are now again launching into censorship of those who dare to criticize them.

My WCBM Baltimore and Talk Radio Network colleague, Michael Savage, has dared to say: “The gay and lesbian mafia wants our children.”

He is therefore the target of a protest scheduled for Wednesday by an organization called the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

They, in turn, have recruited the National Organization for Women, who elected a president who sexually switches between a male husband and a lesbian lover.

GLAAD’s news media director, Cathy Renna, has warned GE (which owns NBC) and Microsoft (which owns MSNBC): “There are a lot of different organizations concerned about giving a platform to Michael Savage,” as MSNBC has just done, for a 1-hour weekend show.

“Giving a platform” were news media director Renna’s precise words about Savage. But Michael already has a platform – of nearly 400 radio stations, plus the No. 1-rated book on the New York Times Best Seller List for the past five weeks.

To its great credit, MSNBC has refused to let these two extremist organizations censor Savage.

In a statement, MSNBC said, “The addition of Michael Savage to the MSNBC lineup was made with the full awareness of his reputation for controversy and confrontation. We respect the right of those who wish to protest. However, we also strongly defend his new show as a legitimate attempt to expand the marketplace of ideas. By bringing our viewers a wide range of strong opinionated voices, MSNBC underscores its commitment to ensuring that its perspective programming promotes no one single point of view. We encourage debate and we would neither expect nor want our audience to agree with everything on our channel.”

Actually, the protest and attempted censorship by the Sodomy Lobby and its ally the National Organization for Women, should provide considerable stimulus and viewer attention to MSNBC’s new weekend Savage show. For there are many, many millions of Americans who strongly agree with his statement: “The gay and lesbian mafia wants our children.”

The largest publicly known organization of child molesters is the homosexual pederast group called North American Man-Boy Love Association. Their members, when caught and indicted, evoke no comments whatsoever from the Sodomy Lobby with whom they have actually paraded in both New York and San Francisco.

Kim Gandy, of NOW, claims that in hiring Savage, MSNBC “has created a situation that makes it impossible to get a moderate message out.”

Even if NOW were at all moderate, rather than extreme, this statement about an alleged impossibility of getting a “moderate” (translate: pro-sodomy-acceptance) message out, ignores the vast majority of our nation’s daily newspapers, magazines and TV networks.

Only on talk radio and the Internet (which allow far more public expression than the rest of the media) is there any real opportunity for those who express what most Americans believe.

Fox News has been a pioneer in doing so and now MSNBC.

The New York Post reports:

“Savage is angrily threatening to counter-attack ‘with all the abilities I have’ including filing lawsuits and, if necessary, mobilizing his army of listeners.

“I’m not Dr. Laura and I’m not going to lift my skirts and run,” Savage told the Post, referring to the tough radio shrink whose 2000 TV show was set upon by gay-rights groups that scared away advertisers and, arguably, forced a toned-down program that few watched, resulting in an early demise.

“If we let these bastards win, they will have elevated themselves to being a de-facto national television censorship board,” said Savage.

The Bronx-raised Savage says he is being persecuted because of “My conservative beliefs pure and simple.” He vows to counter-attack if he feels his career is threatened – alleging, if necessary a litany of abuses like “civil and/or religious-rights violations, hate crimes, economic terrorism” and even racketeering.

“If I have to, I’ll ask my 5 million listeners … to lobby the Justice Department to investigate these groups to see if they have broken the law,” said Savage whose national radio show is carried from 8 to 10 p.m. on New York’s WABC.

In Springfield, Mass., Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison said: “The only thing that is going to get Michael Savage off the air is low ratings and MSNBC doesn’t need to worry about losing advertisers the way hundreds of high-rated TV stations did with Dr. Laura – there’s a big difference in being opposite O’Reilly and Oprah. Organized attacks on Savage may actually work to his advantage. They were able to get to Laura personally and shake her up, whereas Savage will counter-attack and grow stronger. They will increase his resolve and perhaps even his ratings because controversy can significantly boost ratings.”

Ms. Renna of GLAAD told the Post: “Everything from the childish name-calling, to his notion that the U.S. Justice Department is his personal posse, seemed a product of a seriously disturbed individual.”

Ladies and gentlemen: Who sounds more disturbed? The Sodomy Lobby’s Renna? Or Michael Savage?

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