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The legacy of Alfred Kinsey at the Air Force Academy

Over the past 10 years, the U.S. Air Force Academy has investigated 54 reports of sexual assault or rape which have prompted military inquiries that will also include the Naval Academy and West Point. Said Air Force Secretary James G. Roche, “We cannot bear the thought of a criminal being commissioned.”

First, I am not surprised that the Air Force Academy has a problem. In May 1994, I had the privilege of accompanying Dr. Judith Reisman, a noted author of two books on Alfred Kinsey, “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People” and “Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences.” She was invited to speak to key faculty members, the chaplains, female cadets and a lunchtime lecture.

I remember the meeting Judith had with about a half a dozen female cadets who complained during the meeting about the pornographic films in the student bookstore which became the “Friday and Saturday Night Movies.” As a result, many of the actions toward these women were pornographic. These young women were truly the cr?me de la cr?me – highly intelligent, attractive and hard working. They all complained about the availability of the pornographic material and the habitual use by many of the male student population.

One particularly attractive cadet said, “I told my boyfriend that if he was going to continue to compare me to an air-brushed picture that I was not going to see him any longer. It’s either the pornography or me.” They talked about how humiliated and abused they felt. Even at that time, they felt they had no voice or recourse. If they said anything, they were met with, “You’re jealous” or “You are making a big thing out of nothing – there is nothing wrong with the picture, it is you.”

Dr. Reisman was able to meet with the commandant. As she explained the effect of Kinsey and the change in thinking that had occurred as a result of his book, the commandant said that he appreciated her telling him what the women said because no one had informed him of their trauma. Furthermore, he had no idea pornography was available on campus. He said he would get rid of it.

I learned much during the two years I worked with Dr. Reisman. What amazed me was the fact that she was the exception – she decided to do something about a serious moral cancer that had invaded the minds of American males through the false research of Alfred Kinsey.

A professor of zoology, Dr. Kinsey wrote a book that inspired Hugh Hefner to start Playboy – which became the first upscale monthly pornographic magazine for “Joe College” guys. When Hugh was in college, he read Dr. Kinsey’s book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” which was published in 1948. As a result of the conclusions reached by Dr. Kinsey and cohorts Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, Hefner used it to write his college thesis.

He felt something had to be done about America’s Puritan or prurient views and decided to produce a magazine with a “healthy” and open approach to sex. The magazine would bridge the gap until the bachelor married. Hefner made pornography “decent” by telling young men how to dress, providing tips on etiquette, and offering intellectual stimulus through interviews with public figures – thus freeing it from the image of the “dirty old man in the rumpled raincoat.” The magazine made its debut in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

We forget that until the ’60s, love was serious and the ultimate outworking of marriage. Then, not only were females virgins, but most males were virgins too. They would wait for physical intimacy based on a higher value that graced our society then. Fifteen years after Playboy, Penthouse came out and 10 years later, in 1978, Hustler made its debut – paving the way for an avalanche of the inevitably raw porno magazines.

It was Hefner’s goal, like Kinsey’s, to change state sex-offense laws protective of women and children to conform to what Kinsey said he proved through “science.” Hefner’s Playboy became the “how to” book for the sexual revolution which was based on fornication, co-habitation, divorce, adultery, abortion, etc.

Through Dr. Reisman’s unrelenting determination, her research has documented evidence in Kinsey’s own book which proves how far Kinsey would go to eliminate America’s laws. He used pedophiles to abuse children as young as 2 months old on Tables 30-34 of his own book which allegedly “prove” that children, indeed, could have “loving” sexual relationships with adults. Kinsey gives graphic descriptions of the children’s response to sexual stimulation by up to nine pedophiles that includes fainting and screaming, which he says indicate pleasure. When you get your “researchers” from bath houses, homosexual bars and prisons, can scientists call that research?

What Hugh Hefner did was to believe a lie. The cover-up of the rapes at the Air Force Academy are only the tip of the iceberg. You see, the first cover-up was done by the Kinsey Institute which has maintained a stealth lobbying effort in Congress to continue countless programs, some of which are in our schools, built on Kinsey’s research.

Lastly, because of pornography, all of society has been affected as a result of the way women and children are now viewed. If Kinsey has been mainstreamed as a “normal” part of culture, then perhaps Secretary Roche had better figure out that the conduct of his cadets is also “normal” – which means civilized society is no longer civil. Therefore, Congress had better come clean in who and what they are protecting.

Joan Veon is a certified financial planner and is president of Veon Financial Services, Inc., an investment advisory firm. Visit her website, WomensGroup.org.