Jacko’s baby, 9-11 mastermind immortalized

By Joe Kovacs

When pop star Michael Jackson dangled his towel-covered child from a hotel balcony last year, he probably never imagined that the event would be immortalized for display in people’s homes.

But the free-enterprise system has just given birth to the “King of Pop Baby Drop.”

King of Pop Baby Drop: It’s really, really ‘bad’?

The new addition has just arrived at Herobuilders.com, the Connecticut doll maker which brought the war on terror into the world of action figures.

“It made sense to add it,” company president Emil Vicale said of the “pop sculpture.” “[The images] are burned into our head. The next time we see a baby out a window, we’ll all think of this.”

A number of websites have already debuted online games where players try to catch babies being tossed by the star from a balcony.

As WorldNetDaily previously reported, Herobuilders began marketing action figures last spring featuring likenesses of Osama bin Laden, President Bush, Rudy Giuliani and British Prime Minister Tony Blair – with bin Laden taking a clear lead in initial sales.

Bin Laden doll the sales leader

“Maybe they want to blow him up,” Vicale said at the time. “You should see my own bin Laden doll. He doesn’t look like he originally did – he’s now missing an arm and a leg.”

While the figurines have been doing brisk business, not everyone is thrilled with the idea of making playthings out of the real-life characters. Some of the hate mail sent to Herobuilders include:

  • I came across your website and your “action dolls” and I was very offended. You have disrespected a whole religion by the nasty image you have made in your “villain” doll. Muslims, as much as you hate us, are pure. We do not look like this and never will. I am an American, but you make me hate being one. Your thoughts are gross, and your Bush is not a hero. He has killed thousands and millions of people. But of course that doesn’t matter, because they are not Americans huh? You make me sick and I just wait for the day of Judgment so we all can be judged by the only One who knows everything. (April Martin)

  • You are one sad group of people! I am a Canadian and damn glad that I am not one of you racist Americans! I know that Osama and Saddam were terrorists but that does not give anyone the right to make action figures from them in the style that you did! I am heavily recommending that you clean up your act or I will report you to the human-rights act! I hope that you burn in hell racist [explicit]! (Nexus_of _Darkness)
  • “It’s unbelievable,” Vicale told WorldNetDaily. “They call us a–hole Americans, so they’re racist too. Not only is it hate mail, it’s hypocritical. They all end up being racist back.”

    Saddam doll ready for action

    The company is already marketing optional clothing, including an S&M outfit for the likes of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    “He seems to be sadistic and masochistic all in the same breath,” Vicale said. “It just made sense to give him one.”

    Next up for Herobuilders is the debut next week of a diorama featuring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the purported mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks who was recently captured in Pakistan.

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

    After the image of a hairy, disheveled Mohammed was splashed across news agencies worldwide, Vicale decided to create a depiction showing Mohammed on the floor, with his hands cuffed behind him.

    Vicale admits he still is trying to choose a clever moniker with which to market the terrorist.

    “It was nice to seem him on the floor where he belonged, but I haven’t come up with a name yet. It’ll come in a dream, I’m sure.”

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