Impending war, Saddam Hussein, appeasement protesters, Tom Daschle, Bill Clinton, The Ditzy Chicks, Jacques Chirac, freedom of speech and the United Nations – so many things to say, so small the word allotment. So, let’s begin.

By this time next week, America will almost certainly be at war; a war born of failure – multiple failures. We have the failure of the United Nations and the international community to enforce U.N. sanctions against Saddam Hussein, the failure of Bush 41 to support the Iraqi insurgency he promoted, and the failure of Bill Clinton to pull his snoot out of the polls long enough to fight this righteous battle when international support would have been widespread and the costs in human lives and suffering minimized. An impotent United Nations coupled with weak international resolve has allowed Saddam to strengthen. The bill for inaction and delay is now due and payable.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle stood bravely before a government worker’s union yesterday to say that George Bush has “failed so miserably at diplomacy” that we are now “forced to war.” In an act of myopic political cowardice, Daschle then placed the blame for the probable loss of American lives at Bush’s feet.

A good old talk-radio one-on-one with Daschle would be so much fun right now. “Would you care to comment on Bill Clinton’s condemnation of the first President Bush for the failures brought about by his appeasement of Saddam Hussein, Mr. Daschle?”

“President Clinton pledged to contain Saddam Hussein through what he termed a vigilant enforcement of U.N. disarmament resolutions. If Clinton had honored that pledge, would we now be facing war with Saddam Hussein?”

(Yet another lesson in why lefties just don’t do well in talk radio. Where do they go to hide?)

Six months ago, Daschle was speaking in the harshest terms about Saddam and the weapons we “knew” he had. Now, Daschle expresses his doubts that those very weapons exist. The difference? Then he was the majority leader, now he’s in the minority struggling for a return to power. The last thing Tom Daschle and his leftist cohorts want to see is another stunning victory by a Republican president. Democrats still haven’t come to terms with Reagan’s finishing blows to the Soviet Union and Bush 41’s victory in the Mother of all Wars. The next great victory against tyranny should be reserved for the next Democratic president.

At least the Ditzy Chicks have the sense to recognize when they’ve gone a bit to far. Their attempt to pander to anti-American sentiment in Europe has backfired. Ditzy Chick mouthpiece Natalie Maines first issued her explanation, then her apology. Say what you will about country music – make your jokes about trailer parks and honky tonks, but country music fans are not the most tolerant Americans out there when it comes to criticisms of their country.

You don’t go into “enemy territory” to slam our president. The leftist appeasers are coming to the rescue of Natalie and the Nabobs wringing their hands over our freedom of speech. It’s amazing that the left is so big on the freedom to speak out, and so unwilling to suffer the consequences brought on by one’s words.

I take particular delight today in the distress of Jacques Chirac. Eight months ago, Chirac and the French government were averting their gaze while French companies raked in the cash acting as middlemen in the transfer of exotic rocket fuels – banned by the United Nations – from China to Syria to Iraq. We’ll soon learn the extent of French participation in Saddam’s armament. Today, Jacques is inspecting the wreckage of a failed French United Nations power play.

And what of the United Nations? Yesterday bore witness to the pathetic spectacle of the United Nations Security Council trying to convince the world that it still had a degree of relevance in world politics. Twelve years and 17 wholly unenforced resolutions … with nothing to show. Now, we have claims of relevance and the pleas for respect? Sorry, it’s a bit too late. Now we’ll just wait to see how well the U.N. does in assisting with the clean-up operations.

Saddam is desperate. Yesterday he expressed his desire to see the whole world get rid of its weapons of mass destruction. He then suggested that the United States should be the first.

The first? Hey! Wait a minute here! I thought that Saddam said that Iraq had already divested itself of all of its weapons of mass destruction. Wouldn’t that make Iraq the first? Oh well, just a bit of a slip-up, I guess.

Note, please, that even some Middle East Muslim clerics are calling this a just war. Perhaps those clerics will join the vast numbers of Americans and Brits who will be keeping the coalition soldiers in their prayers.


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