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The federal government is strictly limited in its powers by the Constitution.

Nevertheless, Washington exceeds its authority every day without a second thought. We now have innumerable agencies and departments spending billions and billions of dollars with no constitutional justification whatsoever.

Worse, while assuming all this extra-constitutional authority, the government has abdicated its primary responsibility – providing for the common defense of the several states. One of the ways it has betrayed this mission is by opening up our borders to an immigration invasion.

Some suggest our borders are just too big to manage – that it would require too much manpower and force, that it would be too costly to keep out illegal aliens.

Those people are not considering harnessing the technologies we are using to make other people safer and freer around the world.

For instance, in Afghanistan, we are using unmanned spy planes to hunt down al-Qaida terrorists. The military is using the Predator and the Global Hawk. But there are newer, scaled-down versions costing less than $100,000 with less than a five-foot wing-span that are now being commercially marketed.

The camera-eqiupped drones, known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, can be operated from the ground by just about anybody – even a government employee – by pointing and clicking on a computer screen. The UAVs are guided by global positioning signals beamed from satellites and signals from the control post.

Why not use swarms of these drones to man our borders – flying continuously to alert a beefed-up Border Patrol to invaders? Drones could do the work that would otherwise require thousands of Border Patrol Agents or, as some have suggested, military troops.

Instead of using the USA Patriot Act to shred our Constitution by unconstitutionally using technology to keep all U.S. citizens under surveillance, why not turn technology to our advantage and use it to patrol our borders for lawbreakers? Here’s an opportunity for the government to prove it is still interested in upholding the Constitution and protecting the American people – at relatively low cost, efficiently and unobtrusively.

I can’t believe no one else has put forth this idea publicly yet. If we can utilize this technology for the benefit of foreign countries and for defensive measures abroad, why not apply the same principle here?

I can only think of one reason: The government simply doesn’t have the will to protect Americans, to enforce immigration laws and to secure our borders. There are no more excuses. Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans see the immigration invasion as a severe problem for the country, few in government do. Instead, they see cheap labor and cheap votes that can be bought off with your tax dollars.

Sometimes, the best solutions to problems are the simplest ones. I think this is a perfect example of that. Government will resist precisely because it is inexpensive and simple. It doesn’t require building new bureaucracies. It doesn’t empower government, it only protects the people and frees them from the ill effects of an unpatrolled, unsecured border.

Now it’s time to call their bluff. Here’s a real-life solution to one of the gravest problems facing America today – especially as we face the increased threat of terrorism. Help me put this issue on the front burner. Help me get this idea out in front of the American people. Don’t write to your congressman. I won’t ask you to waste your time like that. But spread the word. Use the power of the Internet. Send this simple proposal to everyone you know. Let’s get this idea on the national agenda. Let’s get the talking heads talking about this idea.

Let’s make this a test case for Taking America Back.

Are you with me?

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