9-11 panel discovers
Saddam-Osama link
Documents show Iraqi possibly plotted
attacks on U.S.


Osama-Saddam links
9-11 commission missed

Overwhelming evidence of connection
between al-Qaida, Iraq before attack


Iraqi official at 9-11 plot meeting
U.S. finds documents tying Saddam’s man to al-Qaida

Could OKC ‘silver bullet’
have prevented 9-11?

New book connects the dots
from Saddam to 1995 attack


In ’99, Clarke saw
Iraq-al-Qaida link

But Bush critic told ’60 Minutes’ there was ‘absolutely’ no evidence ‘ever’

Iraq: Al-Qaida’s top priority since October 2002
Saddam gave 75 trained operatives new local identities

Secret intelligence memo links Saddam, bin Laden

Relationship involved training in WMD, financial support for 9-11 hijacker Atta

Judge links Saddam
to Osama bin Laden

Families of Sept. 11 victims awarded $104 million judgment against them

Saddam sought al-Qaida pact
Reports: Iraqi secret-police documents reveal bin Laden operative visited Baghdad in 1998

Dossiers link Baghdad
to Islamist group

Key leader of ‘holy warrior team’
was with bin Laden in Sudan


Iraqi terrorist probe
spreads to 11 nations

Agents in sleeper cells allegedly plotting widespread attacks against U.S. interests

Report: Al-Qaida fighting alongside Saddam’s forces
British interrogators say POWs reveal members of bin Laden’s group in Basra

9-11 mastermind
Iraqi agent?

Author questions identity of captured
al-Qaida operative


Spain links Iraq to 9-11 attacks
Madrid turns over documents
to U.S.,
holds terrorist for trial


Poll: Most Americans believe Bush about Saddam
Study also finds majority think Saudi Arabia supports terrorism

‘Smoking gun’ in U.S. arsenal?
Intercepted satellite call linked Saddam to al-Qaida terror cell

Powell presents U.N.
‘irrefutable’ evidence

Secretary shows satellite photos of activity at chemical, biological weapons facilities

Australia confirms worst on Iraq
Prime minister says U.S. given intelligence
on al-Qaida link


20 terror commandos
unleashed on Europe

Al-Qaida plans attacks before
U.S. invades Iraq


Iraq, al-Qaida linked by administration
Fleischer hints at more coming on connection

Evidence against Iraq building toward war
Inspectors find chem warheads, Blix issues stern warning, ricin plotters tied to Baghdad

Ricin plotters tied to al-Qaida, Iraq
Algerian network considered No. 1 terror threat in Europe

Bush, Blair warned
of bin Laden nukes

Al-Qaida purchased 20 suitcase arms
from former KGB agents, says report


Iraq-al-Qaida links go back decade
CIA reports show nearly 100 examples of cooperation, says reporter

New evidence links
Saddam, bin Laden

Iraqi intelligence agent liaison
between Baghdad, al-Qaida?


Iraq, Arafat, bin Laden
coalition formed?

Terrorism expert reports joint offensive
against West planned


Does al-Qaida have
20 suitcase nukes?

Author claims bin Laden purchased them in ’98 from ex-KGB agents for $30 million

U.S. captures Iraqis
in Afghanistan raid

2 al-Qaida soldiers brought to Bagram base for questioning, Russian fighter also held

Pro-Saddam fighters attack Kurds
Forces linked to al-Qaida trying to stop cooperation with U.S.

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