It’s war. And anyone who thought George Bush wouldn’t have what it took to make the decision, found out the truth. He wasn’t kidding.

George Bush is a man of his word. That’s why he deserves the title president. He won it (in the election) and he’s done it (after 9-11, in Afghanistan and now, Iraq.)

It was like international tough love. Draw the line in the sand. Give a deadline. Step over the line, miss the deadline – suffer the consequences.

Doubt it? Just ask Saddam Hussein (if he’s alive) or what’s left of his regime.

Watching the war on television (I still can’t get used to that!), it’s clear that the United States has a well-equipped, well-coordinated and well-organized military. The awesome firepower and the ability to change plans on a dime when a moment of opportunity presents itself is a credit to Gen. Tommy Franks and all involved in planning and operations – to say nothing of the guys on the ground who actually carry out the battle plans. In that, they are all heroes.

It’s tough to imagine what military families back home are thinking especially when they can actually see the ship or military group their loved one is serving with, on television – in real-time! Talk about 21st-century technology.

Now with that said, I need to call President Bush to task on something of vital importance. Something closer to home. In fact, it is home. With all the attention on keeping the borders of foreign countries secure and safe for their residents, he needs to know there’s a big hole in our security.

Actually, there are four holes and they’re called our borders. North with Canada. South with Mexico. All around via immigration and customs.

I can appreciate the president’s diplomatic caution about inflaming our geographic neighbors or international travelers but the time is now for some tough love here, too.


Barely had the war begun, when the FBI issued a worldwide alert for a Saudi named Adnan G. El Shukrijumah. Last seen in the Miami area.

There’s evidence he has strong al-Qaida links and may be involved in planning terrorist attacks against the U.S. His organizing abilities match the masterminds of 9-11. Remember, they were also Saudis.

As the other terrorists did, this man took flight training in Florida and had a drivers license from there. He has a passport from Guyana, but could also have them from Saudi Arabia, Canada or Trinidad. He is known to have used at least six aliases. (Gee, doesn’t everyone?)

Why was this man in this country?


Barely had the war begun, when the FBI acknowledged concern about the security of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant outside of Phoenix. It’s the largest such facility in the country and supplies power for the Western grid.

Security was boosted and, while there was, as always, an effort not to frighten people, it was (and probably remains) a dangerous situation. The suspected culprits: anti-American terrorists. Use your imagination.

Why do we allow people like this in this country?


As Baghdad was being bombed, it was reported on Fox News and Sky News, as well as WorldNetDaily that there was a major search ongoing for six Iraqis in either northern Mexico or the U.S. Southwest. They’re said to be carrying toxic materials requiring “temperature control.” That means they’re either biological or radiological. Either way, that’s ominous and dangerous.

According to local tips and undercover investigators, the search had been going on for two or three days by the Mexican government on their side of the border and U.S. officials on our side.

Why were those people allowed to get into either country?

Of course, as soon as the news got out, Mexico vehemently denied there was any evidence of Iraqi terrorists in Mexico. Sure.

Inasmuch as residents of Arizona and New Mexico have actually seen Middle Eastern illegals (along with Asians and Europeans) easily crossing the border from Mexico in large numbers, and since just recently a backpack was found in the Arizona desert containing books and papers in Arabic, you wonder how the Mexican government can make such a denial with a straight face.

Why does President Bush allow this nonsense to continue?

If we can put our military on foreign borders to protect others, surely they can be on our own borders to protect us at home.

We’re told to remember 9-11. Protecting our borders is a good place to start.

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