Brace yourself. The “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sex Education” include for ages 12 to 15 that “a few boys engage in a very dangerous and sometimes fatal form of masturbation that involves limiting their air supply,” and for ages 9 to 12 that “homosexual love relationships can be as satisfying as heterosexual relationships,” and for ages 5 to 8 that “touching or rubbing one’s own genitals to feel good is called masturbation.”

These “guidelines” represent the foundation of comprehensive sex education (also known as “abstinence-first” or abstinence-plus-condoms sex education) developed by the Sexuality Information and Educational Council of the United States in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control, the National School Boards Association, Planned Parenthood and others.

When these groups lobby Congress, state governments and school boards for comprehensive sex-education programs, they are not straightforward in revealing the exact nature of the curriculum. This stealth approach allows control over sex-education programs in public schools before the parents of the children impacted have clarity about the content of the course.

Even though I’ve been warning parents about this attack on their children for years on my radio program, it seems to come as a surprise to so many parents that their children are being exposed to values-free, medically and psychologically risky and inappropriate sexual behaviors and “freedoms” – often without parental knowledge or consent.

In spite of those efforts, over the past five years, I have received thousands of letters and faxes from surprised, angry, frightened, desperate parents, feeling helpless to “buck the system” when their children come home with reading material and assignments that are offensive to their values and common sense concerning educating their children about sexuality. Many of these parents reported that the schools would give vague or no notice about these programs, or would be hostile to the parents and students who would not comply.

Well, here I go again! On Thursday, Feb. 13, the Coalition for Adolescent Sexual Health released the results of a landmark survey tracking parental attitudes on sex education conducted by Zogby International. The survey marks the first time parents have been polled using the exact material and guidelines for sex-education curricula developed and endorsed by SIECUS and Planned Parenthood (the results were posted online).

The results of this poll were a contribution to the upcoming legislative debate over federal funding of abstinence-education programs that send the unambiguous message to teens that sex is best reserved for marriage at a level of parity with comprehensive, abstinence-first programs.

The results of the Zogby Poll were released at a press conference at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. According to Kristin Hansen, media director of the Family Research Council, it was a “virtual media blackout. “The faithful and usual handful of conservative, family-friendly journalists showed up.” The major media outlets – broadcast and print – did not show up.

Why is that? Why would the media largely ignore the fact that explicit sex education is opposed by most parents (almost 75 percent in this poll)? Why would radio and TV producers and editors of print media not appreciate how parents would benefit from the knowledge that they were not alone in their exasperation with a public-school and educational system which pummels their values by imposing an “education” about sexual behavior that is counter to even their common sense about age-appropriate information?

I have found that it is all too typical of those who have so-called “liberal” agendas to eschew dialogue and debate, resorting instead to blatant censorship (eliminate someone or some information from the public sphere) or the covert kind: simple ignoring of the facts. Bernie Goldberg (“Bias”) and Tammy Bruce (“The New Thought Police”) and others have outed the press and powerful special interest groups with respect to those un-American activities.

Why is it important that the public – that all parents – be informed of this Zogby International Poll regarding parental attitudes on sex education? Of the many reasons, one is most essential. Parents who call and write to me about sex education in their schools are horrified at not only the curriculum, but the stealth approach taken – keeping them out of the loop by the educational authorities. When parents complain, they’re told, “No one else has a problem with it.” They then feel odd and alone – helpless to make a difference.

Knowledge is power, and some individuals and groups don’t want parents to have that power. Why? Why is it so important to lie to children about “safe” sex and the efficacy of birth-control techniques? Why is it so important that 13-year-old children feel good about experiencing their sexual urges? As they point out in crime dramas, the guilty person(s) is usually the one who benefits.

Who benefits if kids are sexual? Let’s see. Sexual predators – adults who now want to be known only as consensual partners. Planned Parenthood – an abortion business. Businesses – check out teen magazines, Hollywood PG-13 movies, music videos, television shows aimed at children and you’ll see the new face of pornographers.

That’s only to name a few.

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