The long battle between globalists and those committed to U.S. sovereignty is coming to a head, according to the upcoming May issue of WND’s Whistleblower magazine.

The United States government, with few exceptions, has consistently yielded to the will of the “international community” for more than a decade. However, that policy changed dramatically on March 17, the day President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair slammed shut the window of diplomacy on the United Nations and went forth with a “coalition of the willing” to liberate Iraq.

The United Nations and much of the rest of the world went ballistic, demanding the U.S. recognize and submit to the U.N.’s authority. France, Germany and Russia had maintained that four months of blatant non-compliance by Saddam Hussein was not a violation of the “immediate compliance” requirement in Security Council Resolution 1441, and France said that it would veto any further resolution that allowed “serious consequences” to be construed to mean military action.

That impasse in the U.N. Security Council, played out in the worldwide media, demonstrated viscerally the inevitable collision that has been brewing between the U.S. and the U.N.

The May issue of Whistleblower, WND’s acclaimed monthly print magazine, will show that decisions soon to be made by the United Nations – and most importantly, by the U.S. Congress about the U.N. – will determine whether the world will ever know the freedom America takes for granted, or whether America will continue to yield its freedom to the rule of international law, administered by the United Nations.

Each monthly issue of Whistleblower focuses on a single topic of vital importance – topics typically ignored or downplayed or spun by the establishment press – such as income taxes, the Federal Reserve System, the “gay rights” agenda, radical environmentalism, Islamic terrorism, the corruption of government schools, guns in America, and abortion. Whistleblower is also the chief means of support for

“For a long time we have planned a Whistleblower issue on globalism and the United Nations,” said WND Editor Joseph Farah. “Now is the time. The next few months may indeed define what kind of country and world we live in for the rest of our lives.”

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