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Iran has armed and trained some 40,000 Shiite Iraqi fighters – most of whom are former prisoners of war captured during the Iran-Iraq war – and sent them to Iraq to foment an Islamic revolution, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reports.

The online intelligence newsletter says this small army represents the vanguard of Iran’s effort to subvert the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq and use the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime for its own ends.

“Ayatollah Mohammed Bakir Khakim is on record pledging more than once to his followers a plan to impose Islamic rule over Iraq with the help of Iran,” reports G2 Bulletin. “The Tehran ayatollahs, or the Pasadran, the powerful revolutionary guard, repeatedly have been telling the Iraqis they would be their legitimate allies and partners. In such a scenario, there is no room for the U.S. The coalition that liberated Iraq is seen by the Iraqi Shiite militants and their Iranian sponsors as a tool for handing Iraq over to them without the need to use a massive force of their own.”

The report says U.S. war planners were caught off-guard last week by a massive rally of as many as 1 million Shiites in southern Iraq cities – some celebrating the demise of Hussein, others protesting the continued presence of U.S. troops.

G2 Bulletin quotes a CIA source as saying the role of the Iranian security apparatus in Iraq was identified in the mid-1990s as a force to compete fiercely with the U.S. should the Hussein regime collapse.

Shiites represent some 60 percent of the Iraqi population. Neighboring Iran is the only Shiite-governed nation in the world.

Meanwhile, the report says, U.S. military officials like Lt. Gen. David McKiernan are attributing the massive Shiite uprising in Karbala and elsewhere “as part of democracy in work.”

“Right now the Shiite and any Iranian-influenced Shiite actions are not an overt threat to coalition forces,” said McKiernan. “We’re watching all these competing interests.”

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer last week said the goal of the U.S. in Iraq is to establish “an Islamic democracy.”

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