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There are some people in this country who want to fire Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., because he talked candidly, dispassionately and accurately about a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

I always thought that’s what senators did for a living.

But I think someone should lose their job over this national story.

As a news professional, I suggest the reporter who interviewed him and wrote the story is the one who should be fired from her position as an Associated Press newswoman.

There’s only one reason Santorum is getting flack for his remarks – they were dead-on target and undermine the entire homosexual political agenda. Santorum articulated far better and more courageously than any elected official how striking down laws against sodomy will lead inevitably to striking down laws against incest, bigamy and polygamy. You just can’t say consenting adults have an absolute right to do what they want sexually without opening that Pandora’s box.

I’ve drawn this analogy before – in columns and in my new book, “Taking America Back.”

Santorum also made a distinction between homosexuality and homosexual acts – clearly differentiating between the sinner and the sin – a traditional and mainstream Judeo-Christian perspective.

So how did this tempest in a teapot become a national scandal, with some of his colleagues even calling for him to step down?

It was a set-up. It was what we call in the news business a “hatchet job.” Rick Santorum is a young, good-looking, articulate conservative in the Senate’s Republican leadership. He was deliberately targeted by a political activist disguised as a reporter – Lara Jakes Jordan.

I invite you to read her original story and see for yourself how it is dripping in venom. It’s an editorial camouflaged as a news story. And she wrote it for the largest and most powerful news-gathering operation in the world, ensuring it would get maximum play in newspapers throughout the world.

Who is Lara Jakes Jordan?

For starters, she is married to veteran Democratic Party operative Jim Jordan, the former executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and manager of Sen. John Kerry’s presidential bid.

Not surprisingly, the Massachusetts Democrat was among the first to criticize Santorum’s remarks, using it as an opportunity to attack the White House. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Kerry got an advance copy of the article given his connections.

But there’s more to the Lara Jakes Jordan story.

In January of this year, Mrs. Jordan was one of the signatories on a letter to her bosses at the AP attacking the news organization for “rolling back diversity” by not extending benefits to domestic partners.

In a symbolic move, the signatories to the letter returned key chains AP management gave them to “celebrate” its corporate diversity. The key chains carried the slogan: “AP Diversity: Many Views, One Vision.

It seems Mrs. Jordan’s ideological fervor is not reserved only for her private life and her corporate politicking. This woman clearly ambushed Santorum on an issue near and dear to her bleeding heart.

I’ve been in the daily news business for 25 years. When I got started a quarter century ago, there was an old newsroom saying that went like this: “I don’t care if you sleep with elephants as long as you don’t cover the circus.”

Mrs. Jordan violated that old newsroom ethic. She abdicated her right to cover the circus because she was sleeping with an elephant – or, in this case, a donkey.

That’s why I say these catcalls for the head of Rick Santorum are nothing more than a political sideshow. It’s not Rick Santorum who should be forced from office for clearly stating views that have been considered mainstream for the last 5,000 years. It’s Lara Jakes Jordan who should be drummed out of the news profession for scoring cheap political points under the guise of news reporting.

It’s not Rick Santorum who should apologize to anyone. It’s the Associated Press for sponsoring this political hit piece.

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