Rush Limbaugh:
Democrats leaderless

By Joe Kovacs

The Democratic Party is completely without a leader in its hunt to regain the White House, and members are desperately trying to invent one for a decent shot at defeating President Bush, according to radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh

“They are so absent leadership right now it’s a joke,” said Limbaugh, “and everybody knows this in the media, and the Democrats are out trying to manufacture one – they’re trying to create one. And they’ve got this list of nine candidates for the Democratic nomination, and nobody can name one of them. Well, 66 percent of the people can’t.”

Limbaugh was referring to a CBS/New York Times poll released this week indicating 66 percent of Americans could not name a single Democrat running for the presidency. Even among Democrats themselves, a staggering 64 percent could not name a candidate.

Among the third who were able to proffer a name, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and Richard Gephardt were the top three – all at 10 percent or less.

“I don’t think any of these people have demonstrated they can get elected,” said Limbaugh. “Nobody knows who they are.”

“Everything is such spin [for Democrats],” he opined. “Everything is such PR that they have to create false impressions and images of who they are and what they believe because to be honest about who they are and what they believe would really doom their electoral chances. Nobody wants liberals running the show. And liberals, to get back in power, are gonna have to deceive people as to who they are.”

Limbaugh took special note of criticism about the war on terror and Florida Sen. Bob Graham “using whatever he thinks he knows from his position on the Senate Intelligence Committee trying to taunt the American people with facts that we don’t know that had been withheld from us. I’ve heard of politicians who sold their soul for power or money or sex, but to sell your soul for a lousy sound bite on TV?”

President Bush

And while Democrats are struggling with a leadership vacuum, the poll showed a belief by 70 percent of Americans that President Bush shows strong leadership. The figure is below Bush’s high of 83 percent in the days following the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001, but still 16 points higher than in June 2001.

“Leaders are genuine,” concluded Limbaugh, “and you don’t find much genuineness in today’s liberal Democrat Party.”

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