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Hezbollah and Syrian officials are discussing a plan by the Iranian-backed terrorist group to organize cadres among the Shiite population inside U.S.-occupied Iraq, according to a report in the latest issue of Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin online intelligence newsletter.

During the two-day visit to Damascus of Iran’s leader Mohammad Khatemi, President Bashar Assad promised Syria would resist a U.S. request to curb Hezbollah, according to G2 Bulletin’s Israeli intelligence sources.

Khatemi arrived in Syria following a three-day visit to Lebanon, where he was greeted and followed by tens of thousands of Shiites. Khatemi met with Hezbollah leadership and promised them his country is standing firmly behind them. A number of top Hezbollah military commanders joined Khatemi’s entourage, and some of them stayed behind in Lebanon.

An Israeli source told G2 Bulletin Hezbollah officials are discussing with Syria the possibility of creating an Iraq-Hezbollah branch. The plan is to get in touch with Shiite leaders in Iraq, infiltrate the Shiite regions and together, with help from Iranian Passadran operatives already in the area, build a Shiite-Iraqi militia based on Hezbollah principles.

The U.S. decision to open the Iraqi border with Iran, even for a short period allowing the return of militant Shiite clergy staying in Iran, was used by the Iranians to bring into Najaf many of their officers, some of whom are actually Lebanese Shiites.

The acting secretary-general of Lebanese Hezbollah, Shaykh Na’im Qasim, spoke before the Friday prayer sermons in Tehran. He called on the world Muslims to become more united than ever before against the enemies of Islam.

Shaykh Na’im Qasim described America as the aggressor in Iraq and added: America intends to dominate the entire world and the attack on Iraq is a part of its hegemonist plans.

Referring to the U.S. policy of helping the “Zionist regime,” he said: “By occupying Iraq, America tried to raise the roadmap plan in order to offer greater assistance to the usurping Israel.”

Meanwhile, Khatami, the Iranian president, has dampened any notion that relations between Iran and the United States might be warming.

At a news conference on the final day of his visit to Lebanon, Khatami heaped praise on the Lebanon-based militant Islamic movement Hezbollah, which Washington considers one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations. He denied that Iran supplies or directs it.

“We do not interfere in the policies of Hezbollah,” he said. “It is a Lebanese reality,” one that has “stood heroically” against Israel and forced it to withdraw from southern Lebanon.

Israeli troops and Israel’s Lebanese proxy militia withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000 after years of attacks by Hezbollah, which says its activities are focused only on Israel.

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