The H-bomb!

By Michael Evans

Why has the first attempt by President Bush to organize the Aqaba Peace Summit, with diplomatic handshakes and a World class photo-op, seemingly turned into an exercise in futility? Shortly thereafter, three terrorists, members of Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade dressed as Israeli soldiers murdered four Jews. Then, two terrorists killed another Jew near the Machpela Cave in Hebron on Sunday, June 8, 2003.

Most recently, a suspected suicide bomber detonated a cargo of explosives on a bus in Jerusalem during the height of evening rush hour. The result was at least 13 killed, and as many as 70 injured. The attack occurred on the Jaffa Road across from the busy Clal Center. The attack came just a day after Hamas vowed revenge for a targeted strike that wounded its leader, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, in Gaza City, and killed two other people.

The State Department is screaming that Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Al Aksa martyrs are trying to sabotage the peace process. That is absolutely right – they are.

The same tactics were used in Lebanon on April 18,1983, when an H-bomb (Human-bomb) was used to blow up the American Embassy in Beirut, killing 61, and leaving 120 wounded. On Oct. 23, 1983, terrorists blew up the Marines’ headquarters in Beirut, killing 39 and wounding 40. Just the day before, terrorists had blown up a French army barracks, killing 74 and wounding 15. The U.S. pulled out of Lebanon, and so, eventually, did Israel.

Osama thought that he caused the collapse of the USSR by winning the war in Afghanistan. Guess he thought there was only one evil-empire left to destroy. God forbid, if the H-bombers buy into that myth!

Simply put, the H-bomb is a time-tested weapon that has worked. It has caused panic, reduced the will and power of resistance so as to advance political goals, no matter how unrealistic … even if the goal is the destruction of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state.

The H-bomb forced the U.S. and Israel out of Lebanon. How is it that the nations of the world break their necks attempting to achieve peace and one or two human bombs can dismantle months – even years – of work?

Why were the Arab leaders smiling at the summit? Were they happy that Bush wants their dictatorships overthrown and democracy in place? Their “minister of misinformation” was used to project the U.S. as the Khmer Rouge, and Baghdad as the killing fields during the war. Have they suddenly seen the light? I don’t think so! They would rather drink Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid than buy into the Middle East democracy vision.

How can a regime “that harbors, supports and finances terrorism,” and adherents who dance in the streets as American GIs died, be offered a state? How can a regime that has built a memorial in Jenin to honor the first H-bomber be offered a state? How can those who killed four GIs be offered a state? Why should the president of the Palestinian Authority who sent H-bombers into Iraq to kill Americans be offered a state? What has he and his regime done to be rewarded?

Secretary of State Powell, describing the Summit, said, “It’s a can in the road, not the Ten Commandments.” Why can the world not get this “can” out of the road? They have been earnestly trying for over a decade. Surely a “road map” would do it? Maybe what is needed is the Ten Commandments to simply topple the terrorist, not court them.

The problem with the Bush Doctrine is moral clarity. It worked in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. Why can’t the world root out terrorism period? Palestinian terrorists are not suspended in air. They need the support from Iran and Syria. It’s time to shut off the flow of cash. If we deal with this using every means possible – economic, political and militarily, if need be – then maybe real peace can come to the region.

The Palestinian territory is ground zero for the production, exportation and justification of the H-bomb (human). The problem is not the “P” word (Palestine), but the “T” word (terrorism). It is time to take away all the state-sponsored support, and the entire scaffolding may come down. Let the ministers of misinformation demonize their dictators if they dare.

Palestinians are not terrorists, but they are the fertile soil in which card-carrying terrorist regimes and states exploit their pain by canonizing suicide bombers as martyrs, and by either bribing them – or brain-washing them – to kill themselves.

The message: Crime pays! The H-bomb has demolished the economy of Israel. More Jews are now moving out of the country than into Israel. In the ’80s, 1 million Russian Jews poured into Israel.

The terrorist-regime agenda has forged a Palestinian national identity, and transformed the plight of the poor Palestinians into an important issue on the international agenda, in public opinion, in the various governments and in the United Nations. It has produced diplomatic recognition by the Arab states, the U.N., the E.U. and now the U.S. How can a “two-state solution” work if one is a terrorist state?

The intifada (the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza) in December 1987 was the catalyst for the 1988 specially convened General Assembly in Geneva. It brought diplomatic status to Arafat, and legitimacy to his cause – along with dialogue with the U.S. administration on a two-state solution. It resulted in the internationalization of the Palestinian problem. This was something that starving, Third World states could truly look at with envy or inspiration.

After all that goodwill, the world stood in shock as Arafat joined Saddam Hussein’s side after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Why? Because in his mind, H-bombers are heroes: “The Palestine people are prepared to sacrifice the last boy and the last girl, so that the Palestinian flag will be flown over the walls, the churches and the mosques of Jerusalem.” (Sept. 7, 1995)

In Madrid, in 1991, an attempt was made to bring peace and to reward the PLO once again with interim arrangements for Palestine authority.

Again, in 1993, the government of Yitzhak Rabin was led to the Oslo peace accords. During September 1993, Clinton threw the party of all parties at the White House for the signing of the Declaration of Principles complete with handshakes and a photo-op. But in May 1994, Arafat delivered a speech at a mosque in Johannesburg, South Africa, during which he declared: ” The jihad will continue.”

Today, it is publicly known that Arafat arrived in Gaza in May of 1994 with Jihad Amarin and Mamduh Nofal, the former heads of a terrorist organization – the Democratic Front – hiding in the trunk of the car with Kalashnikov rifles and night-vision equipment.

If Arafat is a terrorist, then why not put him in jail? President Bush refuses to meet with President Arafat. Why? Could it be that Mr. Bush knows that Arafat is a terrorist? If so, then send him to jail, and every other terrorist with him. The rule of law works. There cannot be good terrorists and bad terrorists. If that is true, the war on terrorism is lost.

Prime Ministers Rabin and Barak came as close as humanly possible to achieving that goal until the H-bomb showed up!

What do we fear? H-bombs deciding to make the West their next target? The truth is that will surely happen if we don’t deal with this demon. First they hijacked planes in the East, then the West. They started taking hostages in the East, then the West. Anyone who believes these terrorist organizations love America more then Israel is wrong – dead wrong.

On Feb. 3, 2002, the New York Times published an op-ed article by Yasser Arafat describing his vision for peace in which he said, “I condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians.” That same night, Arafat appeared in a public rally asking his fellow Palestinians to sacrifice “a million sahibs (martyrs) to liberate Jerusalem.”

The Barak government seemed to be on the good path for a final peace agreement as it withdrew unilaterally from southern Lebanon in May of 2000. Mr. Barak made a generous proposal to the Palestinian Authority at Camp David in July of 2000. The only problem: The PLO partners had not signed off on Iran and Syria. Hamas, Hezbollah, and a dozen other cartels would have been funding the H-bomb.

Was the bus bombing near Chechnya (in which a woman H-bomber wearing a white medical coat walked up and detonated her explosives, killing 15) simply coincidental? Or is it part of the epidemic of H-bombers in Iraq?

If the sponsors of the “road map” think that the spine of America is bending in their direction, and the price of admission to the terrorist cartel is lowered by a diplomatic makeover, will they take the war to us rather than us taking it to them?

When you have a summit that has been derailed, should you not ask hard questions? Are we shutting down the engine of terror, or are we fueling it?

We had better keep playing! It is time to lay the cards on the table … not reshuffle the deck. H-bombers may be standing in our doorways next!