Customers and employees who strolled through a Borders bookstore in Tacoma, Wash., apparently thought nothing of finding the nation’s most talked-about nonfiction release displayed under this sign:

“We Recommend, New Science Fiction and Fantasy Titles.”

Display at Tacoma, Wash., Borders store Friday (WorldNetDaily photo)

For at least two hours last Friday afternoon, Hillary Clinton’s “Living History” was situated alongside “Jaws of Darkness,” “The Battle of Evernight” and “The War of the Flowers.”

The display remained unchanged until inventory manager Leslie DuBois discovered it and removed Clinton’s book just before leaving for home at 4 p.m.

“I think it was a mischievous customer,” DuBois said, pointing out she had set up the original arrangement herself.

“Living History” is “prominently featured at the front of the store,” she emphasized.

The perpetrator is likely one of the majority of Americans who, according to new national polls, think the New York senator is not being truthful in her new book.

DuBois said, to her knowledge, this was the first instance in which a customer had taken the liberty of designing one of the store’s displays.

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