Despite attempts by the U.S. and France to kiss and make up after stark disagreement about the war in Iraq, French wine sales in the U.S. continue to plummet.

The rate of decline of French wine sales in America, in fact, has actually accelerated.

A study by Information Resources Inc. published in Wine Spectator showed that between April 21 and May 18, sales of French wine in the United States fell by 26.2 percent in terms of case volume, and by 27 percent in dollar value.

In the previous four weeks, case volume sank by just 22.6 percent, and dollar value by 25.8 percent.

CNN/Money reports sales have sagged even in metropolitan areas where there was more opposition to the Iraq war.

Amy Dierkes, a sales associate at Union Square Wines in New York City, says her customers are sharply split. “About half the people come into the store looking for wines from France,” she says, according to the report. “But the other half say they want ‘absolutely nothing to do with it.'”

Another wine vendor put the blame on the economy and the higher price of French wine.

“I think it’s a holdover from the economy,” Ray Thompson, manager of S&S Beer and Wine in Dallas, told CNN. “Basically, people are buying less expensive wines. They’re switching to more Australian and domestic wines.”

As WND reported, anti-French sentiment began last winter, manifesting itself in rallies and demonstrations to show public disdain for the policies of France’s government.

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