July 17 represents the seventh anniversary of the destruction of TWA Flight 800, an event that in “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America,” James Sanders and I prove beyond all reasonable doubt was not caused by mechanical failure.

July 17 also represents the realistic closing of the window to break this story in the national news. Although we show in indisputable and significant detail how the case was corrupted, the media still insist that they need a “hook.” The anniversary date provides one.

To bolster our case, we need your help. If you can provide or assist us with any of the following, please e-mail us in full confidence at [email protected] and simply headline your message “800.” Here is what we are looking for:

  • A first-person account from any crewmember of any U.S., British or Commonwealth vessel [ships and subs] in the area the night of July 17, 1996. Also that of any Navy SEAL operating in the area or the crew of the Navy P-3 Orion.

  • A first person account from anyone who worked on the investigation on Long Island and who witnessed improper conduct.

  • The support of anyone in the major media, particularly the print media. This includes the national conservative media which has, to this point, not been terribly helpful (WND and talk radio, however, have been wonderfully supportive).

  • Support from other independent investigators – without whose help we could not have written this book – in focusing on July 17 through whatever means available.

  • Letters of support from people in the aviation community, particularly airline pilots, TWA mechanics and Boeing engineers. Even if you have no inside information, your experience has weight with journalists.

  • Contact from anyone inside the FBI. My father was a cop as was my partner, James Sanders. I have a great, historic respect for the FBI. We know that for the first five weeks of this investigation, before being pulled back against its will, the FBI tried its best to solve this case.

  • We would particularly like to hear from Jim Kallstrom, who I believe is the one high-level investigator with character enough to come forward.

Please forward this article to anyone who might be in the position to help. Dishonesty in government is accumulative and corrosive. If we can’t stop it here – on something this obvious – we can’t stop it ever.

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