Pro-choice propaganda is failing!

By Jill Stanek

When NARAL Pro-Choice America announced several days ago it was spending $3 million to launch a nationwide pro-abortion ad campaign, I thought: “Big deal.”

I am involved in a media campaign with Concerned Women for America to bring pro-life commercials to the Chicago area, and our media buyer says it will cost between $500,000 and $1 million to run an eight to 12-week ad campaign, just in northeast Illinois.

So for NARAL to say it is spending $3 million on a nationwide ad campaign may razzle-dazzle those not in the know, but it is laughable. The endeavor is financially impotent.

NARAL knows that.

But if you saw NARAL’s commercial during a recent news broadcast, or read about it in the newspaper, or heard about it on talk radio, then NARAL achieved the success it wanted – for free, sent during the expensive prime-time news hour to the target audience it really wanted to hit – adult news watchers.

I’m not complaining. NARAL is smart. But why are pro-aborts pumping out their propaganda so fiercely now?

Obviously, they are frightened out of their bloody minds over the reportedly imminent Supreme Court vacancies. Their success began in the courts, and most of their strength depends on the courts. NARAL’s “ad campaign” is aimed at the political power brokers.

We may lament that our legislators are not doing enough, but NARAL’s press release distresses, “More than 300 anti-choice laws [have] passed in the states in recent years.”

But pro-aborts invariably challenge these laws in court, where they are often overturned or delayed for many years, demonstrating why liberal judges are so important.

Yet the pro-life drum keeps beating, and the pro-life army keep marching forward, while, like Baghdad Bob, NARAL puts on a fierce yet ridiculous false front, yelling loud and proud, hoping no one notices through the din that its dictatorship over America is crumbling.

Purveyors of the truth meanwhile – pro-lifers – seek not to temporarily win the battle through legal maneuvering but to legitimately win by recapturing American hearts. And all signs indicate we are meeting with success.

Everyone can pull out a poll showing their side is winning, but how about a poll sponsored by former Planned Parenthood president Faye Waddleton that she says carries “alarming news” about our views on abortion?

I was forwarded a June 2003 report distributed by the pro-abortion Center for the Advancement of Women, of which Waddleton is the current president.

The center hired Princeton Survey Research Associates to conduct a two-year “groundbreaking” survey of American women, and the results of the poll were not good for their side. Women ranked abortion rights as number 11 out of 12 on their list of priorities.

In fact, the poll showed declining support for abortion rights. Only 30 percent of those surveyed believe abortion should be generally available, and a whopping 51 percent say abortion should only be available in cases of rape, incest, life of the mother, or not at all.

Waddleton lamented the findings of her own poll in her report’s cover letter:

There is alarming news. We are losing ground on many hard-won victories for women’s rights, which could ambush the status that women have achieved … Preserving reproductive rights, core to every woman’s liberty, is far down on the list of women’s priorities.

There is significant and growing support for severe restrictions on abortion rights … [but] in spite of these warning signs, few women are joining organizations or making financial contributions to women’s rights groups.

The poll results must also be alarming to Democrats.

The Democrat Party has increasingly stood for the “right” to abort – so much so that abortion must now be considered its No. 1 issue. The Party opened the door to pro-aborts and has now been overrun by them, sustained by abortion-industry money.

Dems are caught in the deadly abortion web with no way out, unable to move back to the middle on the abortion issue, even though all signs around the country point to the fact that they need to in order to survive. Pro-aborts have proven they don’t mind killing. They would rather see the Democrat Party dead in the eyes of the America public due to its extremism than warm up to the pro-life position.

This cannibalous Black Widow Spider mentality is evident in the pathetic last line of Waddleton’s letter to her dwindling readership. She says the pro-abort troops must rally, because “our future and the future of our daughters depend on it.”

What daughters? What future?