Car thief nabbed seeking help of owner’s sister

By WND Staff

When suspected car thief Gordon Moore pulled over on a southern Oregon highway with a flat tire and discovered the stolen vehicle lacked a lug wrench, he naturally sought help from the nearest bystanders.

He walked down to the North Umpqua River where 24-year-old Elizabeth Lambright, her husband and their 4-year-old son were enjoying Father’s Day and asked if they might kindly lend him the tool, according to the Douglas County, Ore., News-Review.

Unfortunately for Moore, Lambright recognized the 1992 Plymouth Sundance.

She should have, because it belonged to her younger brother, Seth Krieg.

Lambright asked Moore if he owned the car, the paper said. No, he replied, he had borrowed it from a friend.

“No, you didn’t,” Lambright retorted “You stole it.”

Crestfallen, Moore sat on the ground and put his head to his hands, according to Lambright.

“He felt bad; he knew he was screwed,” she said, “He’s all – ‘I’m sorry.'”

Moore allegedly stole the car from downtown Roseburg, Ore., the previous day, the News-Review said. The police report stated he denied the theft but was charged on suspicion of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He had been released from jail June 9 on a similar charge.

Lambright said she and her husband moved their car into the Plymouth’s path to prevent Moore from driving off until police arrived.

Krieg, 22, suspects the thief made no attempt to run because of his brother-in-law’s imposing size.

In an e-mail to WorldNetDaily, Krieg marveled at the turn of events.

“Every now and again, no matter your station in life, God gives us a little bit of proof he is up there, taking care of his children,” he said.