About 227 years ago, a people who were sick and tired of living under a faraway king’s laws, taxes and fruity-looking powdered wigs, sacrificed their lives, and in many cases, fortunes, and staged a daring fight for independence. Now it seems as though more and more are fighting for dependence. We need to put the “in” back in “independence,” perhaps someday via a new revolution.

The fight for independence goes on, and now mostly against threats from within our own borders. This struggle needs to continue so that the Revolutionary War, and all it was fought for, doesn’t end up being just another failed experiment in history. America, Americans and the cause of freedom deserve better than to end up as an Edsel-style example in some social-studies class. Ensuring that this doesn’t happen will take time, patience, a huge plunger and a double-flush of the gigantic inside-the-beltway toilet. Let the revolution(s) begin!

We need a new revolution against confiscatory taxation. Forget about that “tax breaks for the privileged” tripe that spews from some of the bile ducts in Washington, D.C., who want nothing more than for us to stay dependent upon them. These people don’t care about the poor, they don’t care about the sick and they don’t care if old people get free pills – they care about power. This group of scumbags in Washington, D.C., needs a bucket of cold water dumped on it – and soon.

We need a new revolution against politicians and judges who don’t follow the letter of the Constitution, which I’m sure will be much easier once we make them read it.

We need a new revolution against any teachers who fill the heads of kids with mindless leftist fecal remnants disguised as “progressive thinking,” leaving any student blind enough to leave them with the only career option of being a college professor. This travesty foists tons of “widget anthropology” majors upon the nation yearly to do nothing but whine about the poor job market and to find out that it’s really tough to get a date when you’re 34 years old and still live in your parents’ basement.

We need a new revolution against national borders that are open 24 hours a day. Is this a sovereign nation, or a 7-Eleven?

We need a new revolution against a mindset that thinks it should be able to tell you that you can’t smoke in your own home, run a leaf blower or build a deck because it will cause a toad to have to take five hops out of its way, but has the audacity to label the killing of babies as a “choice.” The needle on the “nut-o-meter” flies off the gauge on this one.

We need a new revolution against the implication that if “C” takes from “B” and gives to “A,” “C” is the noble and generous one. This is a comical myth put forth by “C” in campaign ads. Both “B” and “A” should beat “C” until it needs to “C” a doctor.

We need a new revolution against the kinds of political correctness that has made the Board of Education in the state where I live, Michigan, draft a resolution recommending that the use of American Indian mascots, logos and fight songs be eliminated by all schools, even though the name “Michigan” is itself an American Indian name, meaning “great water.” Once they find that out, we’ll probably have to rename the state, most likely to one that better reflects this politically correct bunch of ne’er-do-wells. I can see the sign now: “Welcome to Idiot-Land”

We need a new revolution that says the taxman has to come to our homes to collect, like they did in the old days, and each member of Congress must spend one week per year going door to door with him. This is like an airline making a mechanic fly on the same plane he’s worked on. Initially, the homicide rate would double, but I assure you that taxes would be cut at least in half within weeks.

In his book, “Democracy in America,” written in the 1830s, French traveler and writer Alexis de Tocqueville said, most likely in a highly pompous tone, that democracy “can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.” This has most certainly come to fruition, and right now, de Tocqueville’s high-fiving Plato and Nostradamus, having earned a place at their dinner table at “Chez Visionary.”

Let’s fix this mess by putting the “in” back in “independence.” It will be a monumental struggle to get those two little letters back, but well worth it.

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