California’s Assembly Transportation Committee approved a bill yesterday that would allow the state to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

In a party-line vote of 11-5, Democrats passed the bill over GOP opposition.

“It isn’t right to give a person who is here illegally a legal identifying document,” said Republican Assemblyman Tim Leslie, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Those two notions are in complete conflict.”

Democratic Sen. Gil Cedillo claims his bill, SB 60, would make the state’s roads safer since now, about 2 million illegals routinely drive without proper training, testing or car insurance.

According to the Times report, Cedillo also mentioned the licensing of illegal aliens would help law enforcement keep track of drivers in criminal cases because their photos, thumbprints and addresses would be recorded.

The bill now goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee before being considered on the Assembly floor.

As WorldNetDaily reported, lawmakers on the federal level are debating the wisdom of foreign embassies issuing identification cards to illegal aliens in the U.S. Mexican consulates issue matricula consular cards that then are used by illegals as ID to open bank accounts and for other purposes.

Critics of the cards see many pitfalls, including national-security risks.

“I don’t see any issue that is potentially as dangerous to our sovereignty and provides tremendous opportunity for terrorism in this country than this form of documentation,” said Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., at a recent congressional hearing.

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