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'Gays' heading to Canada for mass wedding

In the wake of a landmark Ontario decision allowing same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the Detroit area plan to cross the border for a massive group wedding.

The Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center and the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit are working out details for a mass ceremony to take place in August, according to Between the Lines, a homosexual news magazine.

Both organizers are based in Ferndale, Mich., a short distance from the Canadian border.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Toronto began issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples last month after a provincial court ruled the federal law limiting marriage to heterosexuals violated the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, part of the Canadian Constitution.

The decision stemmed from a challenge brought by two same-sex couples who were united in a ceremony at Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto in January 2001.

Rev. Troy Perry

The Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Community Churches,which have a predominantly homosexual membership, were founded by Rev. Troy Perry, who noted the Ontario decision’s implications for American activists.

“I intend to fly to Canada to be legally married under Canadian law – then we’ll return to the U.S. to carry on the fight for justice and equality in the United States,” he said in response to the ruling.

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