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Saudi Arabia might be fighting al-Qaida at home, but Saudis abroad are being well paid to foster terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia.

U.S. intelligence sources have told Congress in closed session that elements of the Saudi royal family continue to dole out tens of millions of dollars to Islamic terrorists in the Middle East who promise holy war.

They said Saudi money and volunteers are flowing into northwestern Iraq, where the Sunni insurgency against the U.S. military is raging.

Riyadh is one of several factors that comprise the Sunni insurgency, the sources said. The Saudi strategy has been to finance loyalists among the Sunni clergy and sponsor mosques and other institutions. A terrorist infrastructure has emerged that will continue to make itself felt for years.

The most shocking part of the congressional briefing was that al-Qaida-related agents from Saudi Arabia have been organizing and financing many of the attacks on U.S. troops. They are believed to have paid for weapons that come via Syria.

Another Saudi effort is in India. With Pakistan’s cooperation, the Saudis are sending money and volunteers to build a terrorist network in mosques and schools in the area of Bharuch. Indian authorities have arrested eight Saudi nationals, said to be members of the Tabligh-e-Jamat group. The group is regarded as one of many organizations formed to preach jihad, or holy war, in the first step toward establishing a terrorist infrastructure.

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