The leader of the nation’s most well-known homosexual Republican organization says his group is consulted on nearly a weekly basis by the White House.

“(O)ur access is unprecedented,” Log Cabin Club executive director Patrick Guerriero told Metro Weekly, a Washington-area homosexual magazine. “I’m not sure there’s been a week that I’ve been on the job where we haven’t been called to the White House or asked to attend a meeting with the Republican leadership to discuss issues ranging from tax fairness to judicial nominations to global and domestic AIDS policy.”

The article was e-mailed yesterday between the leaders of many conservative Christian and pro-family groups, some of which have complained openly about being taken for granted by the Bush White House.

Guerriero says in the interview his focus is on finding “fair-minded Republicans” to make the Republican Party more open and accepting of homosexuality.

Guerriero describes himself as “a conservative Republican.”

“But I define conservatism as government staying out of my personal decisions, and recognizing everyone as valued members of the American family,” he adds. “It was a conservative Supreme Court that just wrote the most significant legal decision in the history of gay and lesbian civil rights. It was Anthony Kennedy, appointed by Ronald Reagan, who wrote this decision that we’re heralding as the greatest victory in the history of the gay and lesbian civil rights movement. It’s a reminder that you can be conservative in America and believe that gays and lesbians are an equal part of the American family.”

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