Bush, Sharon and prophecy

By Michael Evans

Thanks to President Bush, Prime Minister Abbas has succeeded at his first White House meeting Friday. He succeeded at not being kicked out of office by Arafat. Abbas is a reformed murderer who has financed more killings in the last few decades than the Mafia.

Sharon wanted to be the first guest at the White House, but it was not to be. The White House produced a political version of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” from those who wish him harm, like Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat – all of which belong in a jailhouse.

Why? Because Abbas said if he failed there would be a civil war. Why? Because terrorists are being harbored and supported. Thus, Israel gets pressured as if Israelis are dressing up as Arabs and sneaking into Ramallah and blowing up Palestinians.

Abbas held his ground on harboring and supporting terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas. He also made it known that Arafat is the boss. The same Arafat who announced before Abbas’ meeting that “If the Jews keep visiting the Temple site, there will be grave consequences” (i.e., suicide bombings). Abbas headed home with $20 million in his pocket – not a bad day’s work.

It must have been really hard for President Bush to hold his peace especially after his brilliant speech on Sept. 20, 2001, as he addressed a joint session of Congress and the American people. He said, “From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.”

Tuesday, Prime Minister Sharon comes for his “take-that-wall-down speech.” Friday, at the Abbas press conference, Bush said: “It is very difficult to develop confidence between the Palestinians and Israelis with a wall snaking through the West Bank.” Of course, no one discussed the fact that the wall has keep out the Islamic-terrorist snakes that are smuggling arms and blowing up the innocent.

Another demand Bush will make is that Sharon release more prisoners as a confidence-building measure “but not prisoners with blood on their hands.” There is only one problem with this: All Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners have blood on their hands. Yet, those are the prisoners Abbas wants released.

Like it or not, America is in prophecy. It began with President Harry Truman recognizing the rebirth of the state of Israel, on May 14, 1948. The Russians were trying to beat him to it at the U.N., but he moved quickly. President Truman took his pen and signed his name, but he also did something else. He scratched out the words “Jewish state” from the document. Something the world has been attempting to do ever since, which is the heart of the problem.

The dumbing down of America

Sept. 11 was indeed a wake up call from Hell. And yet the U.S. Postal Service issued an Islamic stamp which, according to the USPS website, “commemorates the two most important festivals in the Islamic calendar: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.” Has anyone seen any American stamps being issued in Arab countries?

If this is not about Islamic fundamentalism, then let’s have the rest of the Sept. 11 CIA report that is being withheld. In 1993, America got hit in New York at the World Trade Center. We got hit in Somalia in spite of the fact that September 1993 was the famous Diplomatic Peace Accord Party with Arafat at the White House. Who blew up our troops in Lebanon twice in 1983? Who bombed the military barracks in Saudi Arabia? Who bombed the U.S. embassies in Africa? Who bombed the USS Cole?

If Americans are boycotting French wine, then why in the world would we be buying Islamic postage stamps unless of course we have been dumbed-down to the point that we want to purchase a first-class berth on the Titanic. Oh, I forgot – about 90 percent of Islam is a peaceful religion, so that only leaves 150 million who want to kill us … very comforting.

As long as America allows the PLO to lionize homicide bombers as martyrs, and Saudi Arabia to fund it, then the Jihad-genie will stay un-bottled. It would be easier to believe that Eskimos or Pygmies attacked America than to buy into the myth that Islamic terrorists do not seek the destruction of the Jewish state and the liberation of Jerusalem as their ultimate goal.

The truth is, there is no room for a Jewish state nor a Christian state in “Arafat-istan” – and never will be. You can be sure of one thing: Arafat’s vision is “all or nothing.” “All” meaning all of Israel. In the Palestinian schools, the map of the Middle East does not include Israel. Their maps call all the territory between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River “Palestine.”

Do we really believe that a June 11 terrorist blowing up Jews in Jerusalem is any different than a Sept. 11 terrorist? If we think otherwise, America will be energizing the ticking bomb. The liberal partnership between the U.S. and the U.N., E.U. and Russia, and Saudi Arabia in the form of the Roadmap has put the Bush doctrine on terrorism in the deep freeze.

If we don’t get it out quick, the “shock and awe” anti-terrorism campaign may turn into a shock and awe anti-American campaign … with H-bombers (humans) heading westward. This is pure moral hypocrisy! All Americans should be outraged! Americans need to speak up before the U.S. doctrine on terrorism floats so far down the river that no one can retrieve it.